21 Day Fix EXTREME | Week 3 | Day 21 |

It’s Day 21! Let’s finish strong and give it all we’ve got.

If You’re Doing the Real Time Workouts: Cardio Fix Extreme
Today is the day! Give everything you have left in your final Cardio Fix Extreme workout. Cut no corners today and focus on boosting your heart rate and getting that extra rep in. You have put in all this hard work for yourself, finish this program STRONG!

If You’re Doing the Original Workouts: Yoga Fix Extreme
Congratulations on making it to the final day of 21 Day Fix EXTREME! Today Autumn is sending you off with one last active recovery day, Yoga Fix Extreme. Way to work hard, persevere, and never give up on this EXTREME journey!

Congrats we did it! Amazing work, everyone.

Be sure to take your “after” photos and measurements, and, if you feel comfortable, please share your results!

We’ve come to the end of our first 21 days, but I’m not stopping now! Who is planning to do another round?


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