21 Day Fix EXTREME | Week 3 | Day 20 |

If You’re Doing the Real Time Workouts: Yoga Fix Extreme
Today is your final active recovery day with Yoga Fix Extreme. Autumn is going to put your yoga skills to the test and challenge you with a fast-paced yoga flow class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.

If You’re Doing the Original Workouts: Dirty 30 Extreme
Get down and dirty one more time with Dirty 30 Extreme. Autumn is going to push you and your body to the max and give you the calorie burn you have been waiting for. Are you ready to sweat today? Today is the final day where Autumn gives you the option to choose ABC Extreme as your workout. Like I said last week, this workout can be found under the Ultimate Upgrade tab of the 21 Day Fix EXTREME original workouts section. If you are looking for a challenge, complete both Dirty 30 Extreme and Power Strength Extreme.

Enjoy simple salads for lunch? Try this one (2 Green, 1 Purple, ½ Blue):

2 cups fresh arugula
1 cup cubed watermelon

2 Tbsp. crumbled feta cheese
10 coarsely chopped fresh mint leaves

1. Place arugula on a serving plate.
2. Top with watermelon, cheese, and mint.
3. Top with your favorite dressing and enjoy!

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