21 Day Fix EXTREME | Week 2 | Day 10 |

If You’re Doing the Real Time Workouts: Upper Fix Extreme
Today we are tackling Upper Fix Extreme. This workout is made to sculpt your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Your goal for today’s workout should be to grab heavier weights than last week—challenge yourself!

If You’re Doing the Original Workouts: Pilates Fix Extreme
You might be feeling sore like me after yesterday’s upper-body workout. Today, Autumn is going to challenge us with Pilates Fix Extreme. This total-body workout, with the help of a resistance band, will carve out a strong core and even lift your booty.
Where’s your favorite place to do your 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts? Have you tried something new—whether outside or while traveling with Beachbody On Demand? If so, let us know your favorite place to work out or your most creative way of getting your exercise in.

Has anyone here streamed a 21 Day Fix EXTREME workout outside, at the gym, or while traveling with Beachbody On Demand yet? If so, comment below and let us know where you got your Fix on!

Don’t forget, no matter where your workout takes you, you can always take Shakeology. I keep a bag at home but I like to have the to-go packets handy in case I book a trip or need to get out of the house fast. Makes it easy to mix with water in my Shaker Cup when I’m on-the-go. I also love doing the same thing with convenient Recover packets and Energize stick packs—no excuses when you’re on the road!


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