Days 30 & Beyond | Best Tip for OOSOOM

WHAT’S YOUR BEST TIP FOR OOSOOM? I stopped bringing foods into my house that I know I can’t trust myself with. And now I try to eat before events, so I don’t start hungry at the buffet table. What are your faves? Do you still test yourself with trigger foods and get discouraged when you end up eating them? Ilana always says, “Life tests us enough. We need to know ourselves, celebrate our individuality, our strengths and weaknesses, and just own them all.” So many of those trigger foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and/or fat, and it’s been proven in studies that such foods can actually be addicting, and even be the cause of overeating. So rather than end up mad at ourselves when we step on the scale, we should instead be really angry at foods that make us feel out of control. No matter how it tastes, if it makes you feel bad in the long run, it’s never going to be worth it. Remember, we are in weight-loss mode and we can do this!