Days 15-30 | Help! I Hit a Plateau

I know, it’s hard to feel this way after only 2 weeks, but know that whatever is causing it, you’ll be able to get through it! Here are some helpful tips to push through:

  • Keep reminding yourself, “I can keep losing weight,” “I am losing more weight,” AND “I CARE TO KEEP LOSING WEIGHT!”
  • Refer back to your tracker. Are you tracking as diligently as you were in the beginning? Are you drinking as much water?
  • Go back to your weight-loss days…were you doing anything then that you’re not doing now?

And be proud of yourself! It is likely that before starting this program you were seeing slight weight gains over time. So if your weight is staying the same, or even if you’re seeing a slight loss, that’s a big win. You’re also probably eating much better overall than you were before 2B Mindset. So even if it’s been a few days since you’ve seen any weight loss, take a minute to be proud that you’re drinking much more water and eating many more veggies than you did before, and that’s amazing for your overall health! And know that everyone loses weight differently. Some people can eat well consistently for several days and see no change, only to see a big weight drop a couple of days later. Stay patient and consistent and you can absolutely keep losing weight with a positive mindset! You’ve got this!

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