Week 2 | Day 8 | 2B Mindset Kitchen

Losing weight requires planning and organization. And for best results, we always recommend that you shop for yourself and do your own meal prep and cooking. You may be new to cooking and food prep, but by now, I hope you’re motivated to learn! What changes can you make in your kitchen so it’s more 2B Mindset-friendly? After watching, what was the best takeaway for you? For me, it’s putting my bread in the freezer to help me from overeating it—genius idea! And I’m totally getting a spiralizer.

You might still have some food products around that aren’t helpful for your weight loss—if you do, consider giving them away. You can still treat yourself to these foods (as long as you track them), but since it’s so easy to be tempted by these foods when they’re within reach, I recommend keeping your home filled with only those foods that improve your health.

Homework: Time to clean out the junk! If you haven’t already, throw out foods that might be too tempting or that no longer serve you! Snap a photo of your fridge and pantry before you clear them out. Then take another photo of your fridge and pantry, and share your before and after photos! And start making a list of what you think you should stock up on, so you’ll be ready to conquer the supermarket!