Week 1 | Day 7 | Group Call

 Coach Tip from Ilana

This call is the perfect time to help your group plan ahead by using the “My Week at a Glance” pages from the tracker to develop an action plan for the week. The suggested flow for your call is outlined in the participant copy below.

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited to hear how your first week is going, but first I want to recap what we will discuss and do on today’s call:

  1. First, let’s share what’s working for each of us, our weight loss, favorite meals and any other tips and discoveries.
  2. Then we’ll fill out the “My Week at a Glance” pages from our tracker book so we can all get set up for success for the upcoming week! See more details below.
  3. Lastly, we will discuss any “bumps in the road” we’ve had, review our trackers from this past week, and recap our action plans! See more details below.


  • Take 2 minutes to fill out what you want to be this week (full of energy, 2 lbs. lighter, dinner and done every night, whatever you want!).
  • For your meals each day, you can either write in exactly what you want to eat, as if you’re “pre-tracking,” or you can simply write “breakfast at home” or “lunch meeting out.” Write in as much or as little info as you want!
  • Let’s all decide when we will go grocery shopping this week! Remember to fill out your grocery list in your tracker so you have it handy when you go to the store.
  • Let’s talk about what might get in the way of your staying on track this week? What can you do now to keep that from happening?


  • Is everyone weighing themselves daily?
  • Is anyone not losing weight?
  • Are you all tracking?
    • Please share your tracker pages with us so we can help investigate and see what details are missing or changes we can make to create weight loss—sometimes one simple detail or one simple change can make all the difference!

Keep in mind, it’s only Day 7—and with this program, you’ll likely be more successful as time goes on, so don’t worry if you haven’t yet lost significant weight or perfected anything. 2B Mindset isn’t about being perfect—it’s about figuring out what works for you. Let’s get your mindset revved up by repeating, “My body loves losing weight—and I am losing this weight once and for all!”

Homework: Post your weight loss and tracker pages. Additionally, if there are any videos you haven’t watched, you should do so now. If you think you need a refresher, I would also encourage you to watch any or all of the videos again.

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