Week 1 | Day 1 | The 2 Bunnies

 Coach Tip from Ilana

2B Mindset is not prescriptive—it doesn’t come with a detailed calendar that you need to follow day by day. But that’s why it’s so important to get to know the people in your group, and watch all the videos first, so you’ll know how to recommend a learning pace that works for them. Please make sure they watch them in order and don’t skip any!

Your Success Group participants will have many questions and some may want to jump ahead of the group, but remind them to trust the process, and let them know they can always start losing weight right away with just the 2 Bunnies. The 2 Bunnies are 4 simple principles they can start applying today— even if they watched nothing else.

And I’m giving you a heads up, you’re going to get a lot of questions and feedback about the scale. My view of the scale may be very different from anything you and your group may have heard in the past, but please continue to keep an open mind and trust the process, and before long, I promise you’ll see just how helpful this tool can be. I’ve also included a video and some responses to questions you may get from your “bunnies.”

Now you know the secret of the 2 Bunnies! You can even call your Success Group participants “bunnies” like our test groups did and keep helping them hop into successful weight loss.

Let’s recap the 2 Bunnies! These are 4 simple principles you can start applying today to start losing weight right away:

1. Water First

  • Keep your water bottle on hand
  • Drink your daily ounces (your weight in pounds divided by 2 = daily goal in ounces)
  • Drink 16 ounces before every meal to help fill up!
  • Get ready to get in some extra steps with a few more trips to the bathroom (don’t worry, it’s good for you!)

2. Veggies Most

  • Start eating more veggies today! Add them to your Shakeology and/or your eggs. Increase the size of your salad.
  • Start making a list of the veggies you enjoy. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do with them yet— just stay tuned for more info!

3. Daily Scale

Since everyone has a different reaction to the scale, I’m sharing some things you may be thinking and some advice to help you keep a positive mindset:

  • “I don’t even want to know how much I weigh right now.” If this is you, it’s totally OK, but keep in mind—the higher your starting weight, the better your weight loss can be, and the greater your sense of accomplishment when you get to the weight you want 2B. We all have a starting point, and whatever the number is, that’s all it is—just a number! It’s simply information that you have—and now you get to change it!
  • You may be saying, “I’m scared of the scale.” Or, “I hate the scale.” I promise you Ilana knows her stuff, and if you keep an open mind, you will keep creating a positive mindset. And, as your mindset becomes more positive and you learn to use the tools in the program, you’re going to start losing weight. And when you do, you’re going to LOVE the scale for showing you how your hard work is paying off and showing you what it is that’s working to help you lose weight and what isn’t. So, can I ask you to shift your mindset from “I hate the scale” to “I now have an open mind about the scale”? I really encourage you to give that a try!
  • If you’re thinking, “Why do I have to get on the scale every day?” Here’s why: It’s helpful to get on the scale every day because no two people lose weight in exactly the same way, and the scale is a powerful tool that lets you individualize the program by doing precisely the things that work best for you and your lifestyle to help you lose weight. Nobody’s judging you! Right now, the scale is an accountability and teaching tool, but it will soon become a measurement of your success.
  • If you’re wondering, “Should I be measuring my body fat?” My recommendation is don’t be distracted by body fat percentage and other metrics on your home scale—just focus on your total-body weight for now. As long as you’re losing pounds you can be sure you’re losing fat—and that means lowering your body fat percentage as well.

4. Tracking (This one is really important! Don’t underestimate tracking.)

  • Record EVERYTHING you eat and drink. You really can’t cheat on 2B Mindset—no matter what you eat—but you ARE cheating yourself when you don’t write it down. The more honest you are, the better your weight loss will be. Maybe you’ll just want to write down “2 fries” or “one bite of cheese”—and that’s awesome. It’s more often the little, mindless bites that cause you to gain weight over time, rather than your meals. Later on, when you hit your goal weight, you’re going to be SO grateful you wrote it all down. Because now—and for the rest of your life—you’ll know precisely how you got there. And you’ll know you can always do it again.
  • The more detail you put in, the better. But don’t make yourself crazy with precise measurements. It’s more about awareness and understanding your own body than anything else. See examples below of “kind of tracking” vs. “really tracking”
  • Knowledge is Power. Take advantage of the tracker—it’s going to give you SO much inner strength and knowledge about how you lose weight, and a sense of empowerment that no one will ever be able to take away from you.
  • Beverages count. Lattes, creamers in your coffee, sips of alcohol, juice, soda, or kombucha, it all goes in the tracker.
  • Think you don’t have time to track?
    • You do!
    • No matter where you are, or how busy or stressful life becomes, you can always find 3 minutes to fill in your tracker and do something wonderful for your health!
    • Fun fact: It is estimated that people spend 116 minutes a day on social media. It takes only 3—5 minutes a day to track down what you eat, so you DO have time, even if that means reducing your time on social media by a few minutes. Tracking is one of the easiest and simplest things you can do that can have the biggest impact on your weight loss, mindset, and overall health. It is something that needs to stay consistent today and every day, even in hard times, busy times, stressful times, and celebratory times, you can always find at least 3 minutes a day to dedicate to tracking.

Now to your homework:

  • Hit your daily water goal and drink 16 oz. before each meal
  • Eat veggies most
  • Get on the scale first thing tomorrow morning. And, get a scale if you still don’t have one (and ignore me above!)
  • Start tracking!


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