Prep Week | T-minus 4 Days

 Coach Tip from Ilana
I love water and drink LOTS of it! I promise your Success Group participants will all soon be drinking more of it, especially when they see what it does for their weight loss! I’m hoping the 2B Mindset 30 fl.oz. water bottle will not only help your participants drink more water, but also help keep them motivated, because it includes a few of my favorite inspirational reminders!

I know you’re excited to get started! So what can you do now to prep yourself for the 2B Mindset? Start drinking more water! In the videos, Ilana will share all of the reasons why it’s really important to drink plenty of water, and very soon, she’ll be setting regular water goals for you to follow.

Tap water, bottled water, seltzer water…it’s up to you. Feel free to infuse or flavor it with lemon, lime, or any other fruit. But let’s make TODAY the day we clear out all the sugary drinks and replace them with healthy water! Better yet, if you’ve already received your 2B Mindset package, you can start using your 2B Mindset water bottle to drink more water now.

And don’t worry—you can still drink tea and coffee!

Homework: Start drinking more water—16 ounces before each meal—and be sure to track it. Then share how many total ounces you’re drinking every day!


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