Transform :20 | Week 6 | Day 7

As Shaun T says, you’re done, but you’re never finished. In a lot of ways, your transformation is all about getting you stronger, faster, and more able to KEEP GOING on your fitness journey—whether that’s doing another round of Transform :20 or firing up Beachbody On Demand to see what other programs grab your interest. Need some guidance? Give me a holler, and I can help point you in a great direction.

Now comes the fun part. Today’s the day to take those “after” pictures and write down your new measurements. You’ve earned your progress and it’s time to show off to others! You can enter the Beachbody Challenge Contest, and you’ll not only have the chance to win big cash prizes, but you will even receive a free gift (while supplies last). Go to for details.

Don’t forget to film your final 1-minute challenge like you did way back in Week 1. The idea is to submit them side by side, so we can show off to each other how far we’ve come.

One final thing: THANK YOU. Thank you for joining me and each other, and thank you for your comments, photos, successes and stumbles, and everything else you’ve shared along the way. You’re an inspiration to me and to so many others.