Transform :20 | Week 1 | Day 1

Today starts Chapter 1: COMMIT

This is Day 1: BURN. You’ll be moving from the first minute to the last, so get ready to sweat. Shaun T will take you through a series of moves on the Step that will push you to really dig deep. There are three Transformers, aka challenges: Rapid Taps, Twist OBL Kicks, and Rocketman.

I want to see how you improve in the next 6 weeks with these Transformers, so please film yourself doing one of these challenges in this first week. I’ll remind you again in Week 6 to do this again, and share the side-by-side comparison with our group using the hashtag #transform20

Make sure you use the Wall Calendar/Tracker to keep track of Transformers.

When you’re done with today’s workout, share with everyone your thoughts about the workout! Did you sweat? Was it fun? How amazing is Shaun T? I am so excited for tomorrow.