Transform :20 | Prep Week | Day 6

I’ve been talking a lot about what’s to come. One thing I want everyone to remember is that this group is for YOU, all of you. So, post pics of your body and your meals, or post brags, even when you’re not exactly feeling the motivation—lean on me and on each other to push play and keep going and to FINISH.

One thing I love about Shaun T is that he has an incredibly motivating style that makes me want to dig DEEP and WORK! And he always says, “Get your body tight and your mind right.” In Transform :20, you’ll notice that he’s just as focused on your personal transformation as the physical transformation. He believes “it’s not just about the after photo.” And he’s here to motivate and inspire you and give you strength to conquer any obstacle and any challenge in your life—that’s what Transform: 20 is all about.

So take a minute to think about some of the challenges or obstacles you are facing in your life right now or have been struggling with for some time and let’s commit to ourselves to use this time to get stronger so we can deal better and feel better.