Transform :20 | Prep Week | Day 3

Ready to dig in and get more details? Head over to Beachbody On Demand and check out the Program Materials. Here’s what you’ll find:


  • All 6 weeks of workouts
  • Get Ready to Transform – Shaun T created this video to give you an overview of all things Transform :20, including what materials are available to you
  • Step Safety – This is super important! Make sure you watch this one to see how to properly use the Step for all moves.
  • Transform Your Life with Shaun T – Behind the scenes with Shaun T and the cast for real-life motivation and transformations!

Transformation Tools:

  • Get Started Guide – This is a complete overview of the program and workouts, plus 5 simple steps to do before you start
  • 6-Week Transformation Tracker – Keep track of what you eat, your workouts, and your daily progress, plus get daily words of wisdom and motivation from Shaun T
  • Wall Calendar/Tracker – Gives you an overview of each day’s workout with spaces to track your Transformers
  • Hybrid Calendar – You’ll follow this calendar if you plan on incorporating the 6 bonus weighted workouts
  • Beachbody Nutrition Guide – To get the best results and complement your workouts, select an eating plan customized for you and optimized for Transform :20, plus tons of recipes, food lists, and more

What are your goals for Transform :20? What do you hope to get out of this incredible program?