Transform :20 | Prep Week | Day 2

It’s just you, a Step, and Shaun T—sounds easy, right? Transform :20 is hard, but if you commit to giving it your best for 20 minutes every day for 6 weeks, I promise you will feel so accomplished and so motivated, not to mention you’ll love the results!

Your first thought is probably “a Step?!” And then either, “I used to love step aerobics” or “my mom used to do step aerobics.” Trust me, this isn’t your mom’s step aerobics. And for those of you who love step workouts, Shaun T has transformed them. This is serious fitness and functional fitness that could only come from Shaun T. So be prepared to work. The good news is 20 minutes go by so fast. And we will all be doing it together. Here are some more details on the program.

  • It’s 6 days a week for 6 weeks
  • It’s broken into 3 two-week chapters: COMMIT, CLIMB, and CONQUER
  • Each day features three Transformers, which are 1-minute challenges from Shaun T. You’ll have to write down how you do on each of these so that you can track your progress over the next 6 weeks.
  • New to fitness? Or haven’t worked out in awhile? There are modifiers on and off the Step for you to follow!

Daily motivation is also a huge part of Transform :20. Each week, you can go behind the scenes and get inspired by Shaun T—he’s going to be posting daily videos meant to give us all a little extra motivation to keep going!

And finally—your nutrition. This is crucial. No matter how hard you’ll be working (and trust me, you’ll be working hard), you’ve got to eat right and make sure you build a healthy nutritional foundation with your daily Shakeology. It’s packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, superfoods, probiotics, and other essentials you need to help you tackle a tough program like Transform :20. If you’re looking for maximum results, I also recommend adding Beachbody Performance supplements on days you work out. I’ll post about that in a few days.