Ultimate Portion Fix | Week 4 | Day 1

Take your Week 4 photo, before you read on! They’re so important because they can really show YOU how well YOU are doing!

As we begin our last week together, I want to say this now because it’s so important: Even though this group might be ending soon, we’re not finishing with this new way of eating. Ultimate Portion Fix truly is a lifestyle—it’s a new and better way of thinking about food, how and what you eat (and when!), and how you CAN rewire your life to make smarter, healthier choices. One of the healthier choices I made and love is with a recipe from the FIXATE Vol. 2 cookbook for Spaghetti All’Amatriciana on page 145. So good.

One thing I hope you’ve discovered along the way is how we can separate our feelings from our food. In our Daily Logbook today, I want you to really dig into pages 70–71 and identify those emotional triggers.

How did you used to deal with your emotional triggers with food? How do you do it now?