Ultimate Portion Fix | Week 4 | Day 7

Our last day, and our last call. I’d love to hear you share your goals going forward. Now that you’ve made it through 30 days, what do you have in mind for the next 30 days? 90 days? 6 months?

Before I go, I want to say THANK YOU. Your strength, your perseverance, and your motivation have inspired me to start another Ultimate Portion Fix Challenge Group. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this experience the way you have, feel free to introduce us, or pass along my info. My goal is to help as many people as possible reach their weight-loss goals.

In the meantime, remember that this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. This Challenge Group is really just the beginning of your journey—something you turn into a way of life, versus something you did with us for just a short period. So many people have learned how portion control can give them a myriad of benefits. I hope you’ll come to learn that too.

Same with Shakeology. Now that it’s a part of your everyday routine, you’ll begin to understand how it can give you a daily foundation to help support your overall health and well-being.

If you’re not using the Beachbody app on a regular basis, I highly recommend it. It can help you track your containers, access all the Ultimate Portion Fix content, and so much more. It’s currently available for iOS and Android.

Until next time…