Ultimate Portion Fix | Week 2 | Day 7

Today is our end-of-week group call. We’re done with Week 2, and we have 2 more weeks to go in this Challenge Group.

Today’s call:

  • What obstacles have you faced with the program?
  • What did you do to overcome them?

If you’re feeling that you’re falling behind, or stuck, watch Video 34: “Break in Case of Emergency.” Autumn will help get you fired up and feeling good again. What modifications are you going to incorporate heading into the week ahead?

Have you been doing well with meal prep? Need a quick refresher? Watch Video 20: “Advanced Meal Planning” and make sure to go back through your Workbook to reread your notes.

Here’s how to join our call:

 Coach Tip

Your challengers might be feeling like they need some extra encouragement or support on this call. It’s important for the whole group to know that they are there for each other—encourage everyone to share their support.