Ultimate Portion Fix | Week 1 | Day 4

Group call! As I said last week during our kickoff call, we’ll be doing this every week on Thursday.

On our call today, we’ll be discussing:

  • Did you eat all of the food in all of your containers?
  • Did you have leftovers?
  • Were you left hungry?
  • Any success on the scale so far?
  • How about lessening your sugar intake?

I’d love for each of you to jot down a few of these answers before our call and be ready to share!

Here’s how to join our call:

 Coach Tip

Even though you gave everyone the call-in information last week, we recommend you repost it so that it’s as easy as possible for your challengers to join. Encourage everyone to talk and share, and also make a point of sharing YOUR OWN experiences. Your challengers are looking to you for motivation, guidance, and support.