Ultimate Portion Fix | Week 1 | Day 7

We’re going to start doing a second weekly call, starting today. We’ll still have our Thursday check-ins ahead of the weekend, but now we’re adding a Sunday call, to get all of us in the right headspace for the week ahead. As we all know, setting an intention for a great week can be a little different than actually HAVING a great week. Progress, not perfection, as Autumn says.

So, for today’s call, we’re going to talk about:

  • Have you eaten out yet while on the Fix?
  • Any special occasions coming up that you’re thinking about?
  • Have you been to a restaurant this past week?
  • If so, what tactics did you use to stay on your plan?

Don’t forget to meal prep tonight and really put some thinking into your goals for this week. As you think about your planning for the week, a great accessory to take your meals on-the-go is the Beachbody Insulated Tote Bag. Want to know more? Message me directly.

Here’s how to join our call:

 Coach Tip

As always, encourage everyone to talk and share, and also make a point of sharing YOUR OWN experiences. Your challengers are looking to you for motivation, guidance, and support. Sunday calls can be more “forward-looking” than your Thursday calls—encourage your challengers to talk about their goals and what they want to accomplish (or at least attempt) this week.