Ultimate Portion Fix | Prep Week 2 | Day 5

Who’s ready for the weekend? I am! Let’s head into this weekend with a productive, proactive headspace. Chances are, you’ll be running around a lot and you might have the urge to grab some takeout or fast food. Watch Video 30: “Debunking Myths About Fast Food” which will give you some great insights into eating out and why it’s so important to keep your containers with you. Shakeology is a perfect go-to for healthy energy, especially if you’re going to be out and about.*

A lot of you have been thinking about adding exercise to your daily routines. If you’re not doing it, I highly recommend 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME that comes with Ultimate Portion Fix starting 4/1/19. These workouts, shot in real time, have an emphasis on faster progress, with a fresh take on some of your favorite moves along with some new ones. Check them out! Also, watch Video 33: “Beachbody Supplements and the Fix,” which explains how to incorporate these into your plan.

For those who have been or are exercising, what’s your go-to Beachbody fitness program?

Today’s To-Do’s:

  1. Watch video 30, and 33 (if you’re doing workouts)
  2. Complete pages 127–128 in your Workbook
  3. Share your go-to Beachbody program, if you have one

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