Welcome to the Morning Meltdown 100 Challenge Group Guide


You’re about to lead your challengers through a bold new program that can be a game-changer in their personal fitness journeys—and their lives. Morning Meltdown 100 is all about getting people to commit to 100 workouts. It’s a big commitment, but with an inspirational leader like you, it’s so much more achievable. Morning Meltdown 100 is designed to be done in the morning. Studies have shown that a morning workout can make all the difference in people having a powerful and productive day. As their Coach, you’ll want to encourage all your challengers to dedicate time when they wake up to tackle this incredible new program. However, not everyone’s schedules may permit morning workouts, so it’s important to communicate that what matters most is that if they honor their commitment to 100 workouts, they can still get great results.

The program is structured so that people can complete 100 workouts at their own pace. That’s why these posts were written per workout and not per day. It’s up to you to structure your group and the pace you’ll take through the program. Feel free to personalize the approach to your challengers and refer to the program directions for incorporating days off.

Most of all, stay engaged with your challengers. Celebrate their victories and encourage them when they need a boost. Create a community where they can give each other support in a judgment-free space. Share your journey and encourage them to share with each other.

Remember, they’re in this group because of your passion and commitment to helping them succeed.