Morning Meltdown 100 | Prep Week | Day 5

Key to your overall success will be staying focused on your nutrition, even on days off. Your Nutrition Guide has a custom eating plan based on your goals and body type. You’ll follow this throughout the program to help give your body the nutrients and calories you’ll need to succeed. Read through the Nutrition Guide and make sure you understand your eating plan and make note of the recipes you want to prepare. Also, make time today to food shop and meal prep. You’ll want to keep your body fueled and ready for what’s ahead. If you’re doing the program along with the premium nutrition program 2B Mindset or Ultimate Portion Fix, you’ll see how this eating plan integrates with those programs. Make sure you watch the “Introduction to Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition” video.

Who’s getting excited? Who’s a little nervous? We’re here to support each other, so let’s start today in the comments below.

Today’s To-Do’s:

  1. Use the Nutrition Guide to find your eating plan and recipes.
  2. Watch the “Introduction to Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition” video.
  3. Food shop and meal prep.
  4. Think about the image on the next page: “Dream. Goal. Reality.” What’s your dream? What’s your goal?