Morning Meltdown 100 | Workout 1 | Cardio Meltdown

Here we go! Workout 1: Cardio Meltdown. This is a cardio, slim and tone workout. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign your commitment in the Be 100 Book, take your Workout 1 photo and measurements, fill out your “why,” and identify your Morning Meltdown 100 tribe. We’re going to move to the beat while we work to improve our aerobic endurance. Keep moving as you learn the moves and let the sweat fly!

In the Be 100 Book, Jericho has an exercise for you: 100 seconds. For 100 seconds, you’ll focus on thinking about how you’re going to complete your 100 workouts. I suggest you do this before your workout, so you’re even more focused on giving it your all.

When you’re done, let us know how you did! And let’s give our fellow challengers some encouragement while we’re at it.