Morning Meltdown 100 | Workout 4 | Total Body BadAss

Workout 4: Total Body BadAss. This is a muscle-building, slim and tone workout. Resistance exercises enhance strength and definition, while plyometric bursts help increase power and rev your metabolism. Grab a lighter set of weights than you are used to—high-volume, low-load sets provide a total-body burn.

Your eating plan from the Nutrition Guide is designed to help keep you fueled for these morning workouts and your entire day. I love this recipe for Turkey Sausage Muffins—delicious and just 387 calories per serving. Check it out!

Remember, this group is for all of you. 100 workouts is a big commitment, and we’ll really need each other to get all the way through. Let’s all give each other a shout-out. Who’s feeling strong and fit? Who needs a little more encouragement?