Morning Meltdown 100 | Workout 7 | DownBeat Strength

We’re doing Workout 7: DownBeat Strength. Just like it sounds, this is a muscle-building workout. We’ll build stronger quads, hamstrings, and glutes with rhythm-based moves that maximize time under tension. Grab a few sets of weights and prepare to hit your lower body hard! The live music by DJ Jesse Blake is meant to motivate you and keep you moving. He follows Jericho’s lead and keeps the minutes flying by.

When I feel like I’ve really given a workout 100%, I’ll make myself a really indulgent Shakeology—something that’s a little outside of my daily shake routine. This recipe for PB and Banana Latte Shakeology is one of my faves. What’s your indulgent Shakeology go-to?