6 Weeks of THE WORK | Day 7 | Wk 1 | Range & Repair

Congrats, fam! You made it to the end of your first week! Today’s workout is Wk1 Range & Repair. It’s a little shorter (and less intense) than your other workouts, but don’t skip it! Amoila designed every Range & Repair workout to boost your recovery and build your mobility to help you maintain a high level of workout performance.

Every week, your Range & Repair workout will have a different focus. This week is focused on the hips. I don’t know about you, but my hips need a little TLC after all the squats, lunges, and plyo work we did this week.

Here’s the equipment you’ll need:

  • Strength Slides
  • Mat (Optional)

Since today’s workout is a little shorter, I’m going to use the extra time to go grocery shopping. Anyone else meal prepping? I found this recipe I’ve been wanting to try.

Beef and Broccoli with Red Pepper

Coach Tip

From time to time, encourage your challengers to experiment with new recipes. Having a variety of go-to recipes keeps you from getting bored with your nutrition and helps you stay on-track. There are tons of recipes available on the Beachbody On Demand blog, in the FIXATE cookbooks, and in the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition, as well as in the 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition programs.