6 Weeks of THE WORK | Day 4 | Prep Week

Hey! If you haven’t logged into Beachbody On Demand yet, I recommend checking it out before we get started next week. It’s where you’ll find your workouts and additional resources for 6 Weeks of THE WORK.

Here’s a list of what’s on BOD:

  • Getting Started Video: This will tell you how the program works, what equipment you need, and how focusing your nutrition can help you achieve your best results.
  • Get Started Guide: Your short guide for helping you start 6 Weeks of THE WORK on the right foot.
  • Fit Test: This program isn’t for everyone. So before you hit the play button, do the Fit Test to see if it’s right for you. If you pass, take the test again in six weeks after you complete the program to see how much progress you’ve made. If you don’t pass, I recommend doing 4 Weeks of THE PREP. That program also focuses on functional training, but has a modification for every exercise, as well as shorter workouts to help you build up to THE WORK or any advanced Beachbody program.
  • 6 Weeks of THE WORK Sample Workout: This intense 35-minute workout showcases a variety of functional training moves you’ll be doing throughout 6 Weeks of THE WORK.
  • Beachbody Guide to Nutrition: It contains healthy eating tips, advice, and guidance to help fuel optimal performance and results.
  • Nutrition Program PDFs: These will break down how to customize the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition, 2B Mindset, and Ultimate Portion Fix to 6 Weeks of THE WORK.
  • Workout Calendar: Follow this exactly. You can start the program any day of the week, but complete your workouts and rest days in the order they appear on the calendar.
  • Spotify Playlists: Amoila made a bunch of fire playlists (in clean and explicit versions) to get you hyped while you do these workouts. I’ve been blasting the hip-hop one!

Now for equipment. Below is a list of what you’ll need to do this program:

  • Dumbbells Make sure you’ve got a set of light, medium, and heavy weights.
  • Resistance Loops The ones we’ll use in the program include three resistance levels. You can purchase them in either of two sizes on TeamBeachbody.com. Let me know if you need help choosing what size is right for you.
  • Strength Slides and Booties The booties will allow you to use the slides on smooth, hard floors.
  • Chin-Up Bar This is optional, but trust me, you’ll want it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to do pull-ups and chin-ups! If you need some assistance with doing chin-ups, also get the Chin-Up Max.
  • Mat (optional)

Message me if you’re interested in any of this equipment which can be bought on TeamBeachbody.com.

Also, don’t forget to read and follow the safety instructions that come with your equipment and make sure the equipment is properly assembled before you start your first workout.