Today’s workout is Core Blend 4. Bet you can’t wait to feel your abs burn. Let’s get each other fired up! Snap a picture showing us your attitude so we can all get motivated to do our best today. And if you post it on social media, make sure you hashtag it #showyourattitude and #BarreBlend so Elise can see it too!

Usually at this point in the week is where your healthy-eating motivation may start to be tested. Now’s a good time to refocus and dial-in your nutrition. If you need inspiration, check out page 36 in your Beachbody Guide to Nutrition for a great recipe that’s delicious AND staisfying—Fresh Veggie, Chicken, and Quinoa Salad.

And remember, words are powerful. If you’re struggling, focus on being kind to yourself, being gentle with your thoughts, forgiving yourself, and moving forward intentionally. And know you can always lean on us too! That’s what this group is for, to make us ALL better! So reach out anytime. We’re always here for you.

Have a great day!


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