Today’s Full Body Blend workout marks the beginning of Phase 2. In this phase the moves are more advanced and the workouts are more intense. They’ll also be a few minutes longer. So get ready to work hard and have fun!

Do you notice you’re smiling more since you started this program? You really can’t help it, because Elise is such a positive and happy person. Don’t you love her energy? Carry that smile and good feeling with you all day!

Since we’re starting a new phase, it’s also a good time to talk a little more about nutrition and how a good plan can help you reach your goals faster. Which do you prefer: a structured plan with specific guidelines about how much to eat, or a more flexible approach to eating with general behavioral guidelines?

Your answer to this question can determine if one of Beachbody’s premium nutrition programs is right for you. If you said you prefer structure, then Ultimate Portion Fix can help you with portion-control containers that show you exactly how much to eat every day. If you prefer more flexibility, 2B Mindset can help you focus on how you approach your food choices so you can eat more healthfully and lose weight without feeling deprived. Both are amazing—just different approaches!

Do you want more info to help you decide if you need one of these plans? Reach out to me and I’ll help you!


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