You know what’s so great about Barre Blend? You get to channel your inner dancer and feel graceful, while sweating like crazy and toning your entire body! I don’t consider myself a great dancer, but something about the flow of these workouts makes me think I could be on stage. 😉

I want you to take that feeling of joy into today’s Cardio Blend workout.

How’s your hunger level? I know when I start a new workout program I sometimes feel a little extra hungry. But I don’t want to ruin all my progress, so I try to eat something nutritious. Lately I’ve been grabbing a BEACHBAR in the afternoon. It has 9–10 grams of protein and ingredients you know and trust, like creamy nut butters, real chocolate chips, and crunchy protein crisps. Plus, it’s just 150 calories. If you’re doing Ultimate Portion Fix it only counts as ½ red, ½ yellow, and 1 tsp. And it’s so good!

Who here has tried BEACHBAR? What’s your go-to flavor?


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