Welcome to prep day 3!

Today I want to talk about how I’ve structured our Challenge Group:

Coach Tip

Explain how specifically you have structured the group: how you’re following the Workout Calendar, when you plan on posting to the group, etc. You should encourage your challengers to drink Shakeology every day, even on days they don’t work out.

Now is a good time to take your “before” photos and measurements. I know it can feel a little scary, but that’s how you’ll track your progress and see how far you’ve come! And if you keep track of your photos, weight, and measurements throughout the program, you can enter the Beachbody Challenge once you’re done by visiting When you enter and submit your results, you’ll also receive a free gift (while supplies last) to celebrate your success. The website also has great tips on how to take those photos and measurements, so go check it out.

Do you have the right equipment for your Barre Blend workouts? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Light dumbbells: Most people use from 1 to 3 pounds, depending on their strength and fitness level. You can use up to 5-pound weights if you’re more advanced.
  2. Beachbody Resistance Loops: These are optional, but Elise uses them to ramp up the intensity—and the burn!
  3. Beachbody Barre Socks: These are also optional, but they help you grip the floor better so you can improve your form. You may find them helpful if you work out on a hard surface.

If you’re missing any equipment, let me know and I can help you get what you need! Also, make sure you’re stocked up on Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements.

Today’s To-Do’s:

  1. Try the “20-min Cardio Blend” workout in the Barre Blend Workout List on Beachbody On Demand.
  2. Make sure you have your equipment and supplements ready to go.
  3. Share some motivation with the group. We need all the support we can get!


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