What makes Barre Blend so special? It helps you create a lean, toned physique through a fun fusion of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training. As a former professional dancer and current fitness instructor, Elise knows how to design the very best barre workouts that also get amazing results! Barre Blend is a great low-impact, high-energy program that can help you get a total-body transformation.

Here’s how the Barre Blend program works:

  • You’ll do 5 workouts a week over 8 weeks. It’s an ideal schedule for optimal results.
  • The workouts start at 30 minutes and progress up to 40 minutes for a bigger challenge as you get leaner, stronger, and fitter.
  • Elise designed Barre Blend in 4 phases, changing up the moves and level of difficulty every 2 weeks to make sure you keep seeing results.

Have you found the Barre Blend program on Beachbody On Demand yet? Once you log in, you should see the Barre Blend tile on your homepage. Or you can navigate to Workouts (top menu) and find the Barre Blend program tile in the workout programs library. Just click through and you’ll see the Overview, Workout List, and Program Materials sections. All of the content is available in English, Spanish, and French.

One thing that makes this program so unique is the “I AM” Daily Motivation Cards. Elise created these powerful cards with her best uplifting and life-changing motivational phrases to help you get inspired and set a positive intention every single day. She pulls a new card before every workout, and you can use that one as your daily affirmation. Or you can choose your own card. There are so many different ways to use them! Here are some more ideas for how to use your cards:

  • Choose one card every morning when you wake up to create a positive mindset and purpose for the day.
  • Shuffle the cards and pull one at random any time you want to feel more intentional.
  • Write your own daily affirmation on the 5 blank cards to create your own motivations.

These cards help you stay mindful and invest your energy where it matters most!

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at the Get Started Guide, which gives you an overview of the Barre Blend program. That’s where you’ll find the Workout Calendar, so you know what workout to do each day. And the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition is a great starting point for learning how to eat better, with delicious recipes and expert advice, plus tips for integrating Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements into your routine.

Today’s To-Do’s:

  • Try the “20-min Classic Full Body Blend” workout in the Barre Blend Workout List on Beachbody On Demand. Then come back and let us know how you did!
  • If you haven’t already done so, review the Get Started Guide in the Barre Blend Program Materials on Beachbody On Demand.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more about how this Challenge Group will work. See you then!


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