Week 4: DAY 28 – Range & Repair

We did it, fam. One more Range & Repair workout and we will have officially finished 4 Weeks of THE PREP!

I want you to take your AFTER pictures and write down your new measurements tomorrow. You can also enter the Beachbody Challenge. The Beachbody Challenge is a contest where you have a chance to win a big cash prize just for sharing your transformations. Pretty cool, right?

Having made it to the end, I just want you all to know how proud I am of every single one of you. Making a commitment to your health and fitness takes guts and determination and you conquered this challenge. I’m so happy to have gotten to know you all better throughout the last few weeks. I hope you all had a great time working toward your goals while making new friends. Also, make sure you check out this quick message from Amoila congratulating us on finishing THE PREP!

Who’s going to take the 6 Weeks of THE WORK Fit Test? I know I am! If you pass, let me know if you want to move on to THE WORK, and I’ll add you to my next group!

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