Setup Week: DAY 3

I’ve been getting some DMs about what equipment you need for 4 Weeks of THE PREP. Make sure you have the following to get the most out of this program:

  • Dumbbells: You’ll need light, medium, and heavy weights.
  • Resistance Loops: The ones we’re going to use include three resistance levels. You can purchase them in either of two sizes on Message me if you need help choosing a size.
  • Strength Slides and Booties: The booties allow you to use the slides on smooth, hard floors.
  • Chin-Up Bar and Chin-Up Max: These are optional, but they can help optimize your results. If you don’t have them, Amoila will give you alternative exercises when the workouts call for pull-ups or chin-ups.
  • Mat (optional): There are moves on the ground for which you may want some added cushioning, but this is optional so be your own best judge.

Message me if you’re interested in any of this equipment, most of which can be bought on

Also, don’t forget to read and follow the safety instructions that come with your equipment and make sure the equipment is properly assembled before you start your first workout.

Has anyone tried the 4 Weeks of THE PREP Sample Workout on Beachbody On Demand? What did you think?


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