Setup Week: DAY 2

Many people think you just need to work out to get in shape. But that approach is missing something that’s key to your success: nutrition. That’s why your 4 Weeks of THE PREP program includes the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition.

The Beachbody Guide to Nutrition shows you how to start making healthy eating choices and how to stick with them. It’s filled with super-yummy recipes and simple tips you can start incorporating into your daily life TODAY. It also has additional information on 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix, two in-depth nutrition programs that can help you get even better results with 4 Weeks of THE PREP and teach you healthy eating habits for life.

Before we start the program next week, make sure you dive into this guide. It’s on Beachbody On Demand listed under the 4 Weeks of THE PREP’s Program Materials tab. Hit me up if you need help choosing the nutrition program that’s best for you!

Coach Tip

Consider ending this post by asking who has used 2B Mindset, Ultimate Portion Fix, or the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition. Encourage them to share their experiences (which program they’ve used, how it helped them on their journey, etc.) with the group. Don’t forget to share which nutrition program you plan on using as well.


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