Day 9: Core Circuit

One of the things I love about #mbf is the BOD Rope. Since it helps reduce the chance of tripping, you can focus on increasing your speed for an even greater calorie burn. And who doesn’t want that? Greater intensity will drive your heart rate and boost your metabolism. That’s key to losing weight.

So, how is everyone liking the BOD Rope? I have to admit that jumping “rope” when there’s no rope seemed odd, at first. You might feel like your hands aren’t rotating perfectly symmetrically, or that you’re jumping off-beat. Don’t get frustrated! Just know that it’s a new way to jump rope that takes some getting used to before you love it. I promise!

Here’s why I think this program is called Muscle Burns Fat. A lot of us are used to measuring results by the number on the scale, but we have to remember that building muscle can actually help you get a lean, sculpted look faster—and measuring inches around your body is sometimes a better indicator of results. Take a moment today to check in with your body. Tomorrow, I want to talk about interim results.

Today’s workout is Core Circuit. Megan dials-up the intensity with core exercises that will light your abs on fire. Can you beat last week’s AMRAP score? Fill us in below on how you are progressing with your AMRAPs.


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