Day 4: Core Circuit

Today, we’re back to Core Circuit. It’s the same as Tuesday, but with new moves, a different AMRAP, and more cardio. Make sure you record your AMRAP and share it with us below. This group is here to support you and cheer you on, every step of the way.

Nutrition Daily Check-In:
I know making smart food choices isn’t always easy, but what you eat is crucial—not just for these 3 weeks, but for the rest of your life. Today is our 4th workout, and your body will be burning some serious calories, which means you may feel hungrier than usual. This is why eating a healthy breakfast is one of the most important ways to start your day. It sets the tone for your energy, so make it count. Here’s a seriously delicious breakfast recipe for Vanilla Peach Overnight Oats that features Shakeology, and can be found here:

Share your breakfast with us below. I love to see what you’re eating!


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