Day 1: Lower Body Burn

Here we go! Day 1 is here and it’s time to show up for yourself, and for our group. This is your safe place to share your successes, let each other know when you need a little motivation, and help each other finish strong.

Don’t get frustrated if today feels hard. Do your best, and feel free to follow the modifier. After a few workouts, when you’re feeling stronger, you can follow the rest of the cast.

Today’s workout is Lower Body Burn. This workout will help you target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings with classic weightlifting and asymmetrical (one-sided) training. As I mentioned earlier, using one weight instead of two is to purposely keep you off-balance, so you engage your core and more muscles throughout your body with each move.

I want to know how you all did today! Did you get your superfoods in? What about your Beachbody Performance? How was your nutrition? And fill us in with how you did with the first #mbf workout!

Nutrition Daily Check-In:
Sometimes people need to make some modifications to their eating when they start a new fitness program. You might not need to modify what you’re eating with #mbf, but if you find yourself feeling hungrier or even light-headed, here’s what to do:

  • For 2B Mindset, review the “2B Mindset & Exercise” PDF.
  • For Ultimate Portion Fix, use the Moderately Challenging calculator to determine your calorie bracket.


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