LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 1

Welcome to our LIIFT4 Challenge Group!

This group is designed to support and challenge you every step of the way toward completing LIIFT4. Let’s share our goals and victories (big AND small), and yeah, let’s also share those days when we’re running a little low on motivation. When we do this together, it makes achieving our fitness goals totally doable and even more fun.

We’re going to build strength and burn a ton of calories in just 4 days a week for the next 8 weeks. Yep, you read that right—Super Trainer Joel Freeman has created LIIFT4 with only 4 workout days and 3 recovery days each week, so you can still have a life. Every day (even on those recovery days) you’ll be drinking Shakeology®, which gives your body the nutritional foundation you need to tackle LIIFT4.* On workout days, you’ll also include Beachbody Performance supplements, to help get you even closer to your best results.

There’s lots more to tell you about LIIFT4, but if you’re ready to commit to this challenge, introduce yourself. Answer these questions in the comments section below:

  1. Why are you committing to this challenge?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. Which Shakeology flavor(s) are you drinking?
  5. Which Beachbody Performance supplements are you taking?
  6. Why did you choose LIIFT4?
  7. How can our supportive group best help you reach your goals?

Last and best of all—Joel has created four new B4 LIIFT4 workouts so you can get your feet wet prior to starting LIIFT4. Each workout is 20 minutes, but trust me, you’ll still break a sweat and get a great idea of what’s in store for the next 8 weeks.

Head over to Beachbody On Demand and start digging into the LIIFT4 Program Materials—I’ll get into more details about those later.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 2

So, what’s LIIFT4 and how does it work? As I promised, it’s just 4 days a week for the next 8 weeks. Each of Joel’s 32 unique workouts is 30-40 minutes with a combo of weight training and high-intensity (HIIT) cardio. BUILD IT, the first 6 weeks, is focused on building lean muscle to strengthen your body, while the last 2 weeks, SHRED IT, go harder on the HIIT workouts to burn through calories and get you cut. We’ll also hit your core at the end of every workout. The 3 weekly recovery days help give your muscles a chance to rest and repair, so you can come back to your next workout stronger.

Now let’s talk nutrition—what I love about the LIIFT4 Program & Nutrition Guide is that it’s beyond simple. There are no gimmicks and no complicated recipes. The food lists are packed with choices that’ll help set you up for success, along with a sample day of how to make it all work. Plus, there’s an optional “cheat day” for when you feel like you need a little sweet treat or a dinner out with friends.

Your daily Shakeology is a crucial part of your success with LIIFT4. New changes to your diet or exercise habits can increase the demands on your body. Shakeology gives you more of the healthy nutrients you need every day to help your body perform at its best.

Joel’s secret weapon, Beachbody Performance, is another huge part of this program AND key to getting results. You’ll take these supplements on each workout day, and if you’re looking to build some serious muscle, Joel has a plan for that.

To prepare you for the program watch READY FOR LIIFT OFF: COUNTDOWN TO WEEK 1. This is the first of 9 episodes that help guide you through each week and give you a look inside LIIFT4 with Joel and the cast.

More to come tomorrow, but Joel wanted me to share this message with you—he’s so excited that you’re doing LIIFT4!

LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 3

I know you’re getting excited for LIIFT4. It’s going to be a blast, and the best part is we’re all doing it (and succeeding!) together.

Hopefully by now you’ve explored all the LIIFT4 program materials on Beachbody On Demand. This is how you’ll stream all 32 workouts, plus get access to the LIIFT4 Calendar (to give you a road map of what’s coming up), the Weight Progression Tracker (to keep track of what weights you’re using), and the Program & Nutrition Guide I posted about yesterday.

Here are the LIIFT4 materials you’ll find on Beachbody On Demand:

  • HOW TO LIIFT4 video on the Workout List > Get Started page on Beachbody On Demand. I’ll tell you more about this tomorrow.
  • LIIFT4 Program & Nutrition Guide, which tells you all about the LIIFT4 workouts and what you’ll be eating along the way (including how and when to have that cheat day).
  • LIIFT4 Workout Calendar, with a daily breakdown of the next 8 weeks, including workout days and recovery days. You’ll see which muscle group you’ll be focusing on during each workout.
  • LIIFT4 Weight Progression Tracker lets you record how much weight you lift in each move, each set, each day, so you can increase your weights over time. The weights you select are the catalyst for improvement.
  • LIIFT4 STRETCH and LIIFT4 ROLL & RECOVER, two recovery day stretch routines to help relieve soreness; increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion; and speed up muscle recovery.
  • READY FOR LIIFT OFF weekly episodes that feature Joel guiding you through what to expect during each week of the program.
  • LIIFT4 Vegan Nutrition Guide to provide alternate vegan food lists and more information on the Beachbody Performance supplements and how to incorporate them into your plan.

What are you most looking forward to with LIIFT4? Have you tried out the B4 LIIFT4 workouts?


LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 4

Maybe you’ve done some weight training before, or maybe it’s your first time. Either way, there’s no need to be intimidated by weightlifting, because Joel makes the moves super-easy to follow and FUN!

Before you begin working out, watch Joel’s HOW TO LIIFT4 video. It’s in the Get Started section under Workout List on Beachbody On Demand. This video covers weight selection, proper lifting form, and safety tips.

By now, you might be wondering what equipment you’ll need for LIIFT4—here’s the great news: not much! You’ll want to make sure you have the following:

You’ll need a set of light, medium, and heavy weights, depending on your fitness level. If you don’t have weights, or don’t have the right weights for a specific move, you can also use the resistance bands which came in your LIIFT4 pack (if you purchased one). If you’re new to Beachbody On Demand, you can find the “bandifier” option for each workout really easily—just click the “MOD” button on the lower right-hand side of the screen of the workout to do the modifier track with resistance bands.

Since all the core routines are done on the floor, a foam mat can make things more comfortable for you and cushion your spine as you blast your core.

FOAM ROLLER (Optional)
LIIFT4 ROLL & RECOVER uses a foam roller as a form of myofascial release, or self-massage. It can help relieve sore muscles and increase circulation to help you recover faster and perform better.


LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 5

For the next 8 weeks, you’ll be doing 4 workouts a week. For this group, I’ll keep us on a schedule that starts on MONDAY, so we’ll work out Monday and Tuesday, with our first recovery day on Wednesday. We’ll work out for two more days after that, and then have TWO full recovery days before we begin again next Monday. I’m really hoping you can stick with the group’s schedule, so we follow the same workouts on the same days.

The 3 weekly recovery days are super-important to help your muscles rest and rebuild. When your muscles have that break, they help you come back stronger for the next workout—allowing you to (hopefully) increase your weights and push yourself harder. You can rest completely, do one of Joel’s recovery routines, or enjoy other fitness activities like going for a walk or bike ride.

Every day, you’ll be following your LIIFT4 Eating Plan (outlined in the Program & Nutrition Guide). Once a week, you’re allowed to indulge in a cheat day. Don’t go crazy—but if you end up having a slice of pizza with a friend or a piece of birthday cake, you have the freedom to do so.

And…be sure to let us know what activities you plan to do on your recovery days!


LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 6

You’re going to be working hard building lean muscle and burning a ton of calories. That’s why it’s so important to give your body the nutritional foundation it needs EVERY DAY.

I can’t stress this enough—without good nutrition, your body will struggle to perform. Your daily Shakeology has a potent blend of premium proteins, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in a precise combination that’s as complex as your body’s needs. That’s why Joel loves to drink Shakeology, especially the vegan flavors.

Have you tried Shakeology? If so, what’s your favorite flavor? What are your favorite things to mix in? I add blueberries and other seasonal fruits.

Also, if you’re looking for a delicious snack packed with protein, try BEACHBAR® snack bars. They’ve got 10 grams of protein and just 150 calories; they really take the edge off my hunger, while still fitting in the LIIFT4 Eating Plan. Plus, they are so tasty.


LIIFT4 | Prep Week | Day 7

Tomorrow is THE DAY! Who’s ready? Who’s excited? Who’s a little nervous? Again, this group is here for YOU! So everyone give a shout-out to each other and let’s get fired up!

So today, make sure you know which LIIFT4 Eating Plan you’ll be following. Each Eating Plan is approximately 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat. We’re also emphasizing foods that best support healthy muscles and exercise recovery. Read the Food Lists, so you’re fully stocked with the good stuff to power you through this first week. Make sure your Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements are ready to go and you have some BEACHBAR snack bars on hand.

As an extra incentive, if you keep track of your photos, weight, and measurements, when you finish the program you can enter the Beachbody Challenge by visiting When you enter and submit your results, you will also receive a free gift (while supplies last) to celebrate your success. So keep track of everything!

Not sure how to take your “before” photos and measurements or what exactly the rules are? Head over to to learn more.

Now, here’s how to make the most of tomorrow, DAY 1:

  • Plan your meals for the day
  • Make sure you take your Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements
  • Have all your equipment ready to go
  • Have an idea of when you’ll be working out each day
  • Make sure you have the Calendar and Weight Progression Tracker handy

Check out the Week 1 episode of READY FOR LIIFT OFF, which tells you what to expect during your first week of LIIFT4. See you all tomorrow.


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

Welcome to LIIFT4! Let’s get ready to work and BUILD IT! We’re going to start with Chest/Triceps, LIIFT 50/50—6 lifting moves, 3 intense cardio moves, for 3 sets each. Then we will finish it off with 3 sets of core moves. This is Day 1, so really focus on your form. It takes a bit of time to master all new moves, so make sure you’re listening to Joel’s cues and staying safe. Keep in mind that when I talk about 50/50 workouts that means lifting first, cardio second.

Don’t forget to use the LIIFT4 Weight Progression Tracker. It’s important to document how much weight you’re lifting during each set, as you’ll want to slowly increase weight over time.

Also, don’t forget—Shakeology every day and Beachbody Performance only on workout days like today. I recommend Beachbody Performance Energize before your workouts and Beachbody Performance Recover up to 30 minutes after you’re done.

Check out the Week 1 episode of READY FOR LIIFT OFF, which tells you what to expect during your first week of LIIFT4. See you all tomorrow.


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (Circuit)

You did it. The hardest part of making a change is getting started. And yesterday, you accomplished that.

Today, we take on Back/Biceps – Circuit. Circuit workouts are just about lifting weights with minimal rest in between each move, to keep your heart rate up and your muscles working hard. We’ll keep moving through 3 sets of 10 moves, so don’t expect your heart rate to drop very much. And, as always, we will complete today with 3 sets of core moves.

If you’re drinking Beachbody Performance Energize before your workout, you’ll have the power of beta-alanine working for you. It’s one of the key active ingredients in Energize. Beta-alanine helps increase muscle carnosine levels to buffer muscle acid buildup, increase muscle output, and delay muscle fatigue.*

BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE TIP: If you take Energize, have you noticed a tingling feeling shortly after you drink it? It can be a normal reaction to beta-alanine, an amino acid ingredient in Energize. Some people tingle, some don’t. And it often goes away once you start exercising, and with continued, regular use.

And guess what? Tomorrow is our first recovery day. Who’s loving LIIFT4 so far?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Recovery Day 1

Recovery day! You earned it. But it’s not a day off in terms of your nutrition; you’ll still be drinking Shakeology every day but you won’t be taking any of the other Beachbody Performance supplements—you only do that on workout days. Follow your Eating Plan and drink plenty of water.

Speaking of your nutrition, while LIIFT4 has a targeted Eating Plan designed to deliver great results, 2B Mindset can be used as an alternative nutrition approach with any Beachbody program, including LIIFT4. I can show you how—just reach out.

Remember those 2 recovery day routines? Try one! I’m going to do LIIFT4 ROLL & RECOVER today—the foam roller helps relieve soreness in my muscles.

If you haven’t yet done so, reach out to someone in the group you don’t already know, and share something about your experience thus far. You might help someone along or learn something yourself.


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

Time for Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals. This workout consists of lifting fast and furious (but safely), followed quickly by a high-intensity cardio move. Today, we’ll be doing 2 lifting moves, followed by a HIIT move, 3 times. This is a total of 6 shoulder-focused moves, with 3 cardio spikes, to create defined and strong shoulders. And don’t worry, Joel won’t forget your core.

The shoulders are a muscle group, but also joints. This means you will also use your shoulders every time you work your chest and back. So take care of your shoulders and use great form.

Did you feel the benefits of that recovery day?


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Day 4 | LEGS (LIIFT 50/50)

Legs – LIIFT 50/50 day. You knew it was coming. This 50/50 format is similar to Chest/Triceps a few days ago, which means 6 lifting moves, in 3 sets, followed by 3 high-intensity cardio moves that get shorter as you move through them. Personally, I am thankful for that, as 60 seconds of Triple Bear sounds impossible. We will end this week’s workouts with Prayer Crunches and Plank Leg Lifts.

This is the first time you’re doing this workout. Don’t feel you have to go too heavy right away. Choose your weights carefully, and if possible, watch your form in a mirror or film yourself with your cellphone. Safety is key to success.

Also, this is where Beachbody Performance Recover and Recharge really help. Here’s how:

Beachbody Performance Recover is what you drink within 30 minutes after your workout. It helps replenish your muscles and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness.*

Beachbody Performance Recharge is what you drink one hour before bed, to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It helps you wake up ready to crush your next workout.*

Have you used either of these supplements? If so, tell us what differences you’ve noticed.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Recovery Day 2

Your second day off this week. Your body is using this valuable time to rebuild muscle. A lack of proper recovery can lead you to plateau early, which means you’ll see less progress. You’re going to be feeling sore all over, so go for a walk, stretch with Joel, or just chill.

If you’re feeling motivated, share it with the group. If you’re feeling that you NEED some motivation, let us all know. This is what this group is all about. So let’s hear how you’re feeling so far.

 Coach Tip

Now would be a great time to highlight someone’s Success Story. Here’s one that caught my eye… You can use the photo to highlight someone’s great results and say something like, "LIIFT4 for a better BOD."


LIIFT4 | Week 1 | Recovery Day 3

Joel put a lot of work into the workouts—and making sure you’re getting the most out of them by including these 3 recovery days. Did you know it takes 48 hours for a muscle to return to normal strength levels after heavy lifting? So make the most of this time to have more to give tomorrow when we’re back at it.

Hey, did anyone take a cheat day? If so, what was your “cheat?” If not, remember, you don’t have to take it, but it’s there if you need it.

Most importantly, don’t forget to tune in to READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 2 to get ready for the week ahead.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (Circuit)

It’s Week 2. You should be feeling well rested after 2 recovery days and ready to HIIT it!

Today’s Chest/Triceps – Circuit workout means we lift nonstop. 10 moves, 3 sets, and a minimal amount of rest. We also get to do my favorite core moves, Dumbbell Flutter Kicks and Windshield Wipers.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that every single workout is unique—that means every workout is filmed separately and totally brand new! The beauty of this program is that you NEVER get bored doing the same exact routine twice.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

Today is Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50. 3 sets of 6 lifting moves, followed by 3 sets of 3 butt-kicking cardio blasts. Get ready to push. Get ready to sweat.

Don’t forget, if you go hard today you can rest tomorrow. We’re going to push our bodies a little more each day, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when you can. Pay attention to your lifts, and if you can easily get to 10 reps for each move, try going a little heavier.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Recovery Day 1

I know you’re probably still sore, and that means you’re working hard, but hopefully it’s a little better than last week since your body is starting to get used to the program. Still, today is a recovery day, so use this as an opportunity to focus on giving your muscles time to recover and rebuild.

Beachbody Performance Recover and Recharge are great ways to get protein when you need it, as protein is critical to recovering and rebuilding your muscles.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Coach Tip

Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group! It helps people feel good about themselves and good about all the work they’re putting into LIIFT4. This isn’t an easy program. But if a person can stick with it, the results speak volumes.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

Feeling strong and recharged?

Today’s Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals is a combination of lifting and intense cardio. The shoulders are comprised of 3 major muscle groups, and these 6 lifting moves, in 3 sets, will attack them all. And those cardio intervals will really start to drain your tank, so keep pushing hard. I have a love/hate relationship with the HIIT move Catchers. What moves do you love/hate?

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Joel recommends that you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day—and even more if you feel thirsty or sweat a lot. That means that if you weigh 140 pounds, you should drink at least 70 ounces of water each day.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Day 4 | LEGS (HIIT)

Well-defined LEGS, here we come! This is the last routine of Week 2. You’re doing great!

This is Legs – HIIT, the first time we will do an entire high-intensity cardio workout. High-intensity interval training has been around forever, but has become increasingly popular for its efficiency. You burn more calories in less time. Today’s workout is 4 simple moves in 5 very different rounds. Get ready to burn a lot of calories.

Remember to use Beachbody Performance Recover after each of your workouts. With timed-release protein, carbs, and pomegranate extract, it’s shown to help accelerate muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness.* That’s a good thing on leg day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Recovery Day 2

Start the day with one of Joel’s recovery videos so you’re staying ahead of any soreness or stiffness. I think I’ll do LIIFT4 Stretch. We worked hard this week, so it’s time to take care of our muscle recovery.

Since we’re almost 2 weeks into the program, I’d like you to check in with your transformation. Snap a few pics and share with the group. We would love to see how things are developing—even though it’s still early.

Here are Laura’s results after finishing LIIFT4. Talk about motivation…


LIIFT4 | Week 2 | Recovery Day 3

Congrats on getting to the end of Week 2. You’re doing great, and you should take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back.

For this Challenge Group, my main focus is to help as many people as I can achieve their goals. Whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle, or look amazing at that wedding, I want to help you. Do you have anyone in your life who could use a little encouragement to get on the path to being healthier and happier? Use today’s recovery day to reach out to them and see how you can motivate them to reach THEIR goals.

One of the reasons Joel created LIIFT4 was that he wanted a program that fit into people’s busy lives—not the other way around. LIIFT4 (and our Challenge Group) is all about getting results while still enjoying life. So, enjoy today’s recovery day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Don’t forget to watch READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 3 to see what’s in store for the week to come. You might want to stock up on BEACHBAR snack bars for a quick hit of protein and fiber. My favorite (and Joel’s!) is Peanut Butter Chocolate. So good!


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

Congrats on getting to the end of Week 2. You’re doing great, and you should take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back.

Once again, we start the week with Chest/Triceps doing the 50/50 format. I think there is something very satisfying about completing all your lifts first before moving on to cardio. By lifting first, you have more energy to go heavier and then you empty your tank with the HIIT that follows.

As Joel always reminds us, throughout LIIFT4, you’re increasing your weights whenever you can. Of course you always want to listen to your body and be safe, but progress comes when you push yourself to do more. But FORM is still super-important. Listen to Joel’s cues so you stay on pace and make sure to check your form in the mirror.

 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: This is another great time to highlight another LIIFT4 Success Story. Here’s a good one: Sarah P.


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (Circuit)

Today is Circuit day focused on Back/Biceps, which means all lifting and no cardio. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be breathing heavy because Joel keeps you on pace with the reps and shorter rest periods so you’ll constantly be lifting. There are 3 blocks of moves with 4 exercises each that require the two muscle groups to work hand in hand. We’ll finish up with core moves to flatten that tummy. Who’s ready for Dumbbell Crunches and Bicycle Twists?

If you have a favorite Back/Biceps move, snap a photo of yourself doing it, and share it with us.


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Recovery Day 1

I love recovery day—and I bet you do too. Did you know that keeping your circulation up actually speeds muscle recovery? It’s what will make tomorrow that much easier. So try to keep your body moving today. Even if you’re busy, try to find time to take a walk or get in a good stretch.

How’s everyone doing with their Shakeology? What’s your favorite flavor? Shakeology is more than just a combination of powerful ingredients that can help you tackle the challenge of every LIIFT4 workout. It’s a key part of your fitness AND nutrition success.


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

It’s Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals. This means 2 lifting moves, followed by a HIIT cardio move—that’s 9 moves in total over 3 sets. Make sure you have a good selection of weights. You don’t want to go too heavy on Front Raises and Shoulder Flys.

We’re nearing the end of Week 3, and by now you’ve experienced a lot of the LIIFT4 moves…which one is your favorite? Prove it by posting a pic!


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Day 4 | LEGS (LIIFT 50/50)

Let’s finish the week strong with Legs – LIIFT 50/50. I admit, these are tough moves, but I know they’re helping me build stronger legs, quads, and glutes. Today will feel really intense as it is all focused on the lower body. 6 lifting moves for 3 sets, followed by 3 HIIT moves for 3 sets.

Joel’s going to push you a little harder today because he knows you have 2 recovery days after this.

So drink up! Swig your Beachbody Performance Energize and let’s go!


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Recovery Day 2

Did you all wake up and immediately think "LIIFT4 RECOVERY DAY"?!

Let this sink in—you’ve made it through 3 weeks of hard workouts. Congratulations! It’s time to take credit for your work, sweat, and commitment. Great job!

If you’ve missed some workouts or gotten off track with the nutrition, it’s OK. Take a moment and think about what got you off track. Was it not having enough healthy choices in the house or that box of donuts in the break room at work? Try to come up with ways to avoid things like this happening in the future and share your small victories with the group.

And the best thing to do is focus on those victories! Share with the group what these "victories" are! And remember, there are none too small.


LIIFT4 | Week 3 | Recovery Day 3

What is your favorite way to recover? In our fast-paced lives, we are all scheduled to the minute, with a to-do list a mile long. One of my favorite parts of LIIFT4 is that I get 3 days a week to do whatever I want. And I have made a promise to myself to not fill these days with busy work, but to take care of me. That means a hot bath, a massage, or even reading a great book. How do you like to unwind?

Before we head into the new week, what’s the best thing you’ve gotten from being a part of this Challenge Group? How has it helped you? What can I do in the days and weeks ahead to make sure we ALL finish strong?

And don’t forget to watch READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 4 to see what Joel has in store.


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (Circuit)

Back at it: Today’s workout is Chest/Triceps – Circuit, which is 10 moves, in 3 sets, for a nonstop lifting blast. Did you know that the pectoralis major, or the main chest muscle, is a dense fan-shaped muscle that controls most of the movement at the shoulder joint? You use it for throwing a ball, lifting a child, and even rotating the arm. Let’s work on getting it stronger and more defined.

How’s your form? I’m hoping by now you’ve gotten this part of the program dialed-in, because it’s so crucial to muscle growth and overall results. When Joel says to keep those elbows IN during triceps moves, it’s because he wants your triceps to get 100% of the benefit of the effort.


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

Before I talk about today’s workout, a few people have posted asking why we lift first and then do cardio and core. Your muscles have maximum energy (glycogen stores) to lift heavy at the beginning of the workout. The idea is that you’ve got max power for those harder moves. Then, you can empty your tank with HIIT cardio, burning lots of calories. As Joel says, you want to finish feeling like you’ve got nothing left.

OK, today it’s Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50. 3 blocks of 2 exercises each, alternating between a back move and a bicep move, both for 10 reps each. We then go into our HIIT cardio (hello, Squared Squats, Wide Mountain, and Plyo Lunges) and finish with core.

I know a lot of you are worried that your arms might get too "bulky" from lifting heavier weights. But the reality is that many of you might experience the exact OPPOSITE; gaining muscle may actually give you a leaner, stronger look. So don’t be shy, attack those curls.


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Recovery Day 1

Aaaaahh…another recovery day! And like our other recovery days, it’s time to work on flexibility and mobility. Flexibility refers to a muscle’s ability to lengthen, while mobility refers to the movement in and around an actual joint. Both are super-important to keep you moving proficiently, as you get stronger. Remember, Joel’s recovery day routines are a great way to work on both your flexibility and mobility.

And even though it’s a day off from working out, we need to keep up with our daily Shakeology—I’ve posted before about how important it is to have that nutritional foundation, and it’s even truer on recovery days.

 Coach Tip

Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group! It’s a way to make someone feel good, but it also encourages everyone else to stay consistent with the program for the next week.

For example:

"Shout out to [NAME]! She’s been pushing hard, getting better every week. And that inspires me. Let’s all give [NAME] a special shout-out!"


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

This Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals day means 6 weightlifting moves, 3 HIIT moves, and 2 core moves, broken up into 3 sets of work. Get ready for those Swimmers, which are definitely my favorite.

Just because it’s Week 4, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to constantly improve on your form. It’s not just Joel’s cues, but also paying close attention to your body—elbows in the right place, arms at the right angles, and so on. Results come from hard work done right.

Even though the Weight Progression Tracker is all about tracking my weights and giving me ideas on when to increase, I also make small notes to myself at the bottom of the page about moves that I still find challenging.

Do you have a favorite shoulder move? What weights are you guys using for Swimmers? CONFESSION: I dropped the weights on my last set!


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Day 4 | LEGS (HIIT)

And here it is, Legs – HIIT. Leave the weights off to the side, and get ready to sculpt your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves with just your body weight. There is a lot of plyometrics in this leg workout, which means even though we are doing HIIT cardio, we are focused on fast-twitch muscle fibers. Those are the same fibers that help you lift heavy weights when you’re doing a more weights-focused leg day.

You know what comes next—2 recovery days. So don’t be afraid to go even harder.

You are OFFICIALLY halfway through the program! Post a pic of you showing off those hard-earned results..


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Recovery Day 2

You’re halfway through, another week closer to your goals. Think back to that week before we started LIIFT4, when we first kicked off this group. Do you remember what goals you had? Think about how far you’ve come since then. It’s a good exercise for today.

One reason I can never skip a day of Shakeology is that its potent mix of ingredients gives my body a huge amount of what I need to tackle LIIFT4—and every other part of my day (even when I’m recovering!). There are so many good things in it that you just don’t normally find at the market.


LIIFT4 | Week 4 | Recovery Day 3

Tomorrow we begin again, but today is a great day to do some catch-up. Is your kitchen fully stocked for the week ahead? Do you have plenty of healthy snacks and ideas for healthy meals? Have you been drinking enough water?

This is a great time to take new photos of yourself, so you can document your changes so far. And if you’re willing to share those photos with the group, we’d love to congratulate you on your success. Also, don’t forget to take your measurements—and compare them to where you started—because sometimes the results are more than just numbers on the scale.

As always, take a few moments to watch the READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 5 episode on Beachbody On Demand—Joel will give you a great heads-up of what’s on the way for Week 5.


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

Welcome to Week 5. Today is Chest/Triceps – LIIFT 50/50. That’s 6 chest and triceps moves in 3 sets followed by 3 HIIT moves for 3 sets. By now, you’ve probably felt (and seen) that LIIFT4 is brutal on triceps. Joel loves to hit this muscle trio, because defined triceps look great on everyone.

By now, your Weight Progression Tracker is filling up with lots of numbers, and I hope lots of INCREASING numbers. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Choosing your weights wisely can be the catalyst for improvement. Are you giving each workout 100%? How about 110%? Challenge yourself to go heavier.

Let’s fire each other up for this week — with me?

 Coach Tip

This is another great time to highlight another LIIFT4 Success Story. Here’s a good one: Justin R.


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (Circuit)

Today’s Back/Biceps – Circuit includes 10 back and biceps moves, 2 core moves, and no cardio. Ever wonder why your biceps feel so exhausted after these workouts? It’s not just the curls that attack them; it’s also the back work. Every time you perform a pulling motion, your biceps are activated. So if you were looking for ripped arms, you’ve come to the right place.

Need a little motivation? Right before you hit "play", think about that sleeveless shirt you’ve been wanting to wear…now go!


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Recovery Day 1

Since it’s recovery day, I’ll be doing LIIFT4 ROLL & RECOVER. If you’ve used a foam roller, chances are you love it as much as I do. Never used one? Just keep in mind a few tips I’ve picked up over the years, like avoiding rolling directly onto your lower vertebrae as this might cause discomfort. Also, don’t hold your breath! Instead, take nice, long, deep breaths as you roll to increase blood flow to the working muscles. And slow down. There’s no need to roll so fast. Just let your body feel each roll s-l-o-w-l-y.

Helpful? Let me know.


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals. Joel loves shoulders and loves making us WORK them. Today’s workout includes 6 shoulder exercises, 3 HIIT exercises, and 2 core moves, all in 3 sets of work.

I know it can be hard to stay consistent and committed to a program, especially when life can get so hectic. When we are dealing with work, family, and other stresses, we often let our workout fall to the wayside. It happens. And if you’re like me, you probably beat yourself up a little bit. There’s an easy solution—remember that making yourself a priority means you will be a better employee, partner, parent, and friend. So don’t skip your workout.


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Day 4 | LEGS (LIIFT 50/50)

Look at that—Legs day already. This is Legs – LIIFT 50/50, with 6 lifting moves and 3 HIIT moves, all working the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, in just 3 sets. I love leg day, because I know every movement is compound, which means I am working multiple muscles at the same time. This means I am burning more calories and getting stronger. Deadlifts are my favorite—there’s no better way to work those glutes!

And deadlifts are a great exercise to talk about form, because even done with slightly poor form can lead to back stress and pain. Watch. Your. Form. Listen to Joel’s cues. And love your results.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: Reiterate why Shakeology is crucial to their success with LIIFT4. It’s carefully crafted and constantly innovated, with the body’s complex needs in mind. It has high-quality nutrients. It has a specialized mix of premium proteins, fiber, and beneficial fats, plus essential vitamins and minerals to help build a strong nutritional foundation. And all of this comes in one easy, delicious shake that helps you look and feel your best!*

Also, ask some pointed questions to the group: Why do you want to be healthy? Who are you doing this for—you, your family, both? Encourage everyone to share.

LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Recovery Day 2

I’ve posted a lot about the importance of keeping your body moving on recovery days, so I’m going to change it up a little. And I think you’re really going to like this idea: Take a nap. Seriously. Did you know a nap can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents? Just 20-30 minutes of downtime can be effective. So feel free to give yourself a little extra shut-eye. You might be surprised how refreshed you feel when you wake up.

Since it’s also the weekend, what’s everyone been doing with their cheat day? Or did you even need one? If you didn’t, share with the group any tips for staying on track with your nutrition.

I really try to think of food as fuel. It’s your energy source for everything you do. The LIIFT4 Food Lists were designed with the most exercise-beneficial items at the top. Picking most of your foods from the “top ten” can benefit both your workouts and your health.


LIIFT4 | Week 5 | Recovery Day 3

Yesterday I posted about a taking quick nap. Now let’s talk about a full night’s sleep. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours a night of good sleep. I always recommend turning off the TV an hour before bedtime, so you can start to really relax your brain and prepare for bed. Adequate sleep is crucial to muscle growth and repair, so make it a goal this week to focus on getting enough z’s.

Also, don’t forget to watch Joel’s latest READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 6 episode on Beachbody On Demand. This next week is going to be intense. And you want to be prepared for what’s about to happen.


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Day 1 | CHEST/TRICEPS (Circuit)

Today is the last time you’ll do Chest/Triceps – Circuit—as you may remember, Weeks 7 and 8 will go harder on HIIT cardio. So, let’s make the most of this workout. We’ll be doing 10 moves, 3 sets, with very little rest. This day is all about lifting, so make sure you are pushing yourself. The best way to build muscle is to go heavier. Just a few pounds can make a difference. But remember to always listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

Think back to Week 1. Are you doing more push-ups now? Probably. That’s called progress—congratulations!


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Day 2 | BACK/BICEPS (LIIFT 50/50)

A Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50 day. 6 lifting moves, 3 HIIT moves, and core to finish. You know and (hopefully) love these moves by now, so can you take it a little bit further? Can you lift more weight? Jump a little higher? Finally touch that dumbbell to your toes? Every day we strive to get just a little bit better. Add those days together, and you will reach your goals. Now let’s get to it!

 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: This is another great time to highlight another LIIFT4 Success Story. Here’s a good one: Janene D.


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Recovery Day 1

The last two days should have been your heaviest lifting yet. You are probably used to feeling a little sore by now, and have an arsenal of tricks to help you recover. One you may have been neglecting is hydration. We tend to drink more water on workout days, which is understandable when we are sweating. But on recovery days, hydration is just as important. Being dehydrated can actually slow muscle recovery. So make sure you are getting that water in today. Beachbody Performance Hydrate is also great—especially if plain water can get a little boring for some folks!

You’ve been doing LIIFT4 for 6 weeks with 2 more (and a few days) to go. Remember how excited you were to start? That’s the energy I want you to harness as we head toward a strong finish. Yes, you can still include a little cheat if you’re really craving something—but you may just be looking for a little variety. For new recipes or food ideas, check out the Beachbody On Demand Blog for some good, healthy eats.

I know a lot of you have been doing really well—keep it up. It’s been amazing to see your results and be a part of this group. Keep sharing photos and words of encouragement!


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS (LIIFT Intervals)

It’s our final day of Shoulders —LIIFT Intervals. Today includes 6 lifting moves, 3 HIIT moves, 2 core moves, and a bunch of sweat. We are getting closer to the end, so think about what you’ve learned about your body, and what you’re capable of achieving. There’s a lot of benefit in taking credit for your hard work.

As you know, Joel loves Beachbody Performance. It’s given him incredible results and he never does a workout without replenishing his body with his go-to supplements.

What do you think about Beachbody Performance? What’s your favorite? Personally, mine is Recharge at night because I swear it helps me sleep better…


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Day 4 | LEGS (HIIT)

Our last Legs — HIIT day. This is gonna burn sooo good. Joel will get you moving your body to blast those glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves, ALL with no weights. This workout is full of all the moves you love to hate—Triple Bear, Squat Jumps, Side Planks, and a couple of other goodies.

Remember, good form also applies to weightless HIIT moves…sink deep during those Squat Jumps! And keep your knees only two inches off the ground during Triple Bear. Joel is always talking about “form” because it’s so important to getting great results. When you’re doing a move the right way, your body is getting the maximum muscle burn.


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Recovery Day 2

I’m so proud of you. As we head into our recovery days, I want you to take an honest assessment of your last 6 weeks. Remember—no judgment, no pressure. Like I posted on Day 1, this group is all about celebrating victories, big and small, and acknowledging that every day doesn’t always go as planned. But when it does and you’re firing on all cylinders…nothing can stop you, right? It’s such an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you look back and think about all you’ve done.

This would be a great opportunity to give me some feedback on how you’re doing so far. How’s your body feeling? How’s the nutrition going? What kind of changes are you seeing? Are your clothes fitting differently? Tell me what’s going on; I’m here to help!


LIIFT4 | Week 6 | Recovery Day 3

This is our LAST recovery day before we head into the last 2 weeks…here comes SHRED IT! This means the workouts will be more HIIT cardio-focused, to get us burning more calories, shredding the fat, and looking lean.

We are going to see some familiar moves, some new moves, and similar formats that will feel very different. These workouts are a little longer, which means you’ll have to push a little bit more. So get excited and get ready to work. READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 7 has a nice peek into the week ahead.

I’m turning this post over to you guys—what do you want to say to each other before we start to SHRED IT tomorrow?


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Day 1 | CHEST/BACK (Circuit)

BUILD IT is done, and today we begin to SHRED IT. Since we spent the first 6 weeks focusing on building muscle and getting our core in crazy-good shape, now it’s time to burn through calories, shred fat, and get ripped.

Today’s workout is Chest/Back – Circuit. Working your chest and back together has some incredible advantages—they are “opposing” muscles, which means when one is contracting, the other is lengthening. So, combining the two muscles groups in one workout helps create good muscle balance, which can help overall flexibility and strength. Working them together, in a single intense format, means they stay balanced and efficient working together. Additionally, it means the muscle group at rest is ready to go when you switch over to it.

Also, pushing and pulling are two of the most basic movement patterns the body can perform. When performing them with free weights, you are also forced to stabilize the rest of your body, which means a stronger core!

Ready to shred?!


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Day 2 | LEGS (LIIFT 50/50)

It’s a Legs – LIIFT 50/50 day, but it’s unlike any you have done before. We have 9 lifting moves, 3 HIIT moves, and 2 core moves, all in 3 intense sets. This is going to feel challenging, but I know you can do this. It’s days like this where sticking with your nutrition really pays off—you’re going to be burning calories and you’ll need your body performing at its absolute best.


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Recovery Day 1

OK, so let’s check in on your nutrition; there is one thing we haven’t yet addressed, which can sometimes derail your best efforts. It’s called “emotional eating” and you’ve probably done this before. I know I have.

It’s eating as a way to cope with the overwhelming feelings you have going on, or if you’re feeling like you’re trying to balance lots of things at once. It’s something you may not recognize until you really understand where it’s coming from. One way to get out of this trap is to delay eating, even for just 10 minutes. Put the food down and collect your thoughts. Check in with yourself and see if you can get to the root of what’s going on. Think it through. And realize that maybe you don’t want to eat that thing in your hand, but rather just need to take care of those emotions, or what’s putting you in this mood.


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS/ARMS (Circuit)

People love this workout, so get super-excited for today. This is a fun one.

This Shoulders/Arms – Circuit has 13 lifting moves, 2 of which are for your core. Even though these moves are familiar, they are going to feel very different in this sequence. Your shoulders will be used to stabilize the biceps and triceps moves, and the biceps and triceps are used to push and pull every shoulder move. Think of it as extra muscle and calorie burn. I can’t wait to see if I can lift my arms tomorrow.

 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: This is another great time to highlight another LIIFT4 Success Story. Here’s a good one: Nicole S.


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Day 4 | FULL BODY (HIIT)

Now we’re getting to what SHRED IT is all about.

This is the first time we are doing Full Body HIIT, which is 6 moves in 3 sets, plus a burnout set, that you will feel from head to toe. And there’s an extra core move! Since this is the last workout of the week, don’t hold back and give it all you got. Can you move faster, jump higher, do more push-ups in every round, or get in one extra core rep?

Think about the goals you set when you first started. Remind yourself of why you’re here and committed to seeing this program through. Don’t lose sight of those goals now—we’re getting close to the finish.


LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Recovery Day 2

Congrats! You made it through 7 weeks of workouts, with only 1 week left to go. Can you believe it?!

LIIFT4 is designed to constantly challenge you in new ways, so your progress continues forward. Check in with yourself. You’ve got 1 week left. Can you add more weight? Is your eating on track? Are you giving it your all?

If you’re doing all of those things, but you still feel like you’re not where you should be, message me or check out the Beachbody On Demand Community, where you can find registered dietitians, certified trainers, and other experts who can help answer your questions. Let’s get things on point now as we head into Week 8.


 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group! It’s a great way to make someone feel good, but it also encourages everyone else to stay consistent with the program through the homestretch.

LIIFT4 | Week 7 | Recovery Day 3

This. Is. It. Tomorrow kicks off our last week. It’s time to empty the tank on every single workout.

I want you to watch Joel in READY FOR LIIFT OFF: Week 8 for what to expect in this final week. We’ve been building and shredding and sweating and pushing and WORKING…and it’s time to commit again to finish strong.

We are in this together. We started together, and we finish together. If you need some motivation, let’s hear it! Share it!


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Day 1 | CHEST/BACK (Circuit)

Remember Chest/Back – Circuit from last week? Today will be the same format and moves, with a slight changeup in the order of those moves.

You’ve got 11 chest and back moves, 2 core moves, and 3 sets to get done, so get ready to work! Final note—as you go into this last chest and back workout, fuel up before and replenish after. By now you should know what your body needs to perform at its best so have your food and/or Beachbody supplements ready. Beachbody Performance Recover is a great post-workout way to make sure your body is getting the protein it needs (among other incredible things) to really take advantage of all that hard work you did with Joel and the cast.


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Day 2 | LEGS (LIIFT 50/50)

The LAST LEGS OF LIIFT4. (Say that 3 times fast.) It’s time to push yourself to the max. Don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got, knowing that you’ve got tomorrow to recover.

This Legs – LIIFT 50/50 workout includes 9 lifting moves, 3 HIIT moves, and 2 core moves to finish us off. Remember that lower-body workouts burn more calories than any other type because the legs (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) are the largest muscle group and require the most energy.

If you have a favorite leg move you’d like to share, please take a photo of yourself doing it, and share it with us. Show off those legs!


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Recovery Day 1

So it’s been an incredible journey so far and we’ve been through a lot together in these 8 weeks. I’m so proud of what you and the group have accomplished. So much so that I’d like to say a little something about “expectations.” Often in my groups, I see people comparing their progress to someone else’s. Please don’t. Understand that everyone transforms at a different rate and in different ways. This journey is for you, and you ONLY…the only person you should be comparing yourself to is YOU on Day 1.

Love yourself. Believe in yourself. And stay committed to a healthy, fit lifestyle. That’s the recipe for success.

 Coach Tip

Coach Tip: Talk about the emotional impact you’ve had by leading this group. "It’s been so inspiring to help everyone work toward their best success and results,&quotl etc.


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Day 3 | SHOULDERS/ARMS (Circuit)

Today is Shoulders/Arms – Circuit. There are 3 blocks of 4 moves each, with a strong core routine to bring us past the finish line.

Push yourself to the max. This is it. One last workout tomorrow and we are done.

Before we head into tomorrow, today is another great day to think back and really reflect on what you’ve done. Pull out your Weight Progression Tracker and look at all those days where you showed up and didn’t give up. I’m so proud of you! Let’s hear you guys share some motivation and congrats with each other.


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Day 4 | FULL BODY (HIIT)

Final. Workout. Can you believe it?

I know you’ve been working hard but I really want you to think about today’s workout from a different angle—FUN. Every single move, every single rep is built on 8 weeks of sheer grunt, determination, and commitment. So, let’s go.

The last workout means you give it your all. It’s Full Body HIIT. Make this your celebration workout for all of your hard work and transformations up to this point. With 6 HIIT moves for 3 sets, a burnout set, and an extra core move, let’s just say I hope you took your Energize. Finish LIIFT4 strong and give it your all today.

What’s also fun is that Joel, along with everyone we’ve seen in the cast, does the full workout all the way through. So much energy, so much sweat. It’s an amazing way to end this program!

But don’t forget! Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY! So, you’ll want to continue to stay on point! I like to take my pictures first thing in the morning, so I have the rest of the day to celebrate!


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Recovery Day 2

Alrighty, superstars. You are done. But in a lot of ways, you’re not FINISHED. Because Joel and I both hope that LIIFT4 has given you a true transformation, both the kind you can see and the kind you feel inside.

Now comes the fun part. Today’s the day to take those "after" pictures and write down your new measurements. You’ve earned your progress and it’s time to show off to others! You can enter the Beachbody Challenge contest and you’ll not only have the chance to win big cash prizes, but you will even receive a free gift while supplies last. Go to for details.


LIIFT4 | Week 8 | Recovery Day 3

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me and each other! Take a look in the mirror. Read through these last 8 weeks of posts, shares, pics, cheers, and motivation. THAT’S what this Challenge Group has been about. Your results are all yours. You deserved them.

You’ve accomplished so much beyond transforming your body and hopefully had a blast doing it. One of the big questions I get is, “Should I keep drinking my Shakeology?” And the short answer is YES! As I’ve said throughout these many weeks, it really is a potent part of your daily nutritional intake. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, high-quality protein, and tons of other amazing things you just can’t find anywhere else. So YES. Keep going with that.

Although we are done with LIIFT4, your journey doesn’t stop here…it’s time to think about the future! What’s next for you? Maybe you’re ready to jump in and do another full round of LIIFT4. Or maybe you’re interested in trying another Beachbody program—I can help you decide what’s next. Either way, your body is ready for the next big challenge—I promise.

Until next time!