Week 0 Day 1

Welcome to our Ultimate Reset Challenge Group!

The purpose of this group is so we can support each other as we go through this 3 week journey.

To start, I’d like to start with some introductory questions to help us get to know each other better! So please comment with your answers to the questions below:

  1. What is your name and location?
  2. What made you decide to do the Ultimate Reset?
  3. What do you look forward to most after the completion of this program?
  4. How can we best support you in reaching your goals?

After you answer these questions, open up your Ultimate Reset program and review the detailed step-by-step Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide.

One of the tips in the guide is to clean out your kitchen, removing every food item that isn’t on the meal guide ingredient list. Give them to a neighbor or donate to a local shelter or food pantry. It doesn’t matter how you get rid of them, just do it. The less temptation, the better!

Also, here’s another great resource for you: a public Facebook group for people doing the Ultimate Reset and are preparing for it, just like you! You can click on the link below and join and see how others are getting ready for the Ultimate Reset!



Week 0 Day 2

If you haven’t already done so, take some time today to take your “before” pictures and measurements and record them on a piece of paper. You may even want to ask your healthcare provider about several tests that can track the health improvements you’re likely to see with the Ultimate Reset. Be sure to “like” this post after you’ve done it!

Week 0 Day 3

As we get ready to start next week, here are some preparation tips for you to start today:

Limit caffeine intake.
Cycle down on strenuous workout routines.
Reduce your consumption of red meat.

Doing the 3 things above will help ease you into the program so that you’re more likely to stick with it for the full duration!

Week 0 Day 4

Did you know that you can win cash and prizes by completing Beachbody fitness or nutritional programs such as the Ultimate Refresh?

Check out www.beachbodychallenge.com

It’s a good idea to browse the Challenge page to see the transformation of others to help you stay motivated! After you complete the program you can submit your own results and get a free t-shirt!

Week 0 Day 5

Now is the time to reflect on your WHY.

Fill out the “This Is Me Now” section in the Program and Nutrition Guide, and start a journal. During the next 21 days, you’ll take your body on a journey unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

This is a great opportunity to take inventory of your life, write down WHY you’re doing the Ultimate Reset, and list the cravings you hope to release and the life changes you’d like to make.

There will be times during the next 3 weeks where it will be challenging and you may be tempted to give up, but going back to your journal and seeing how good it feels as you slowly transition into healthier eating habits will give you an extra boost of encouragement!

Week 0 Day 6

Grab your grocery bags because it’s time to shop for your Ultimate Reset groceries!

You’ll find a complete shopping list for each phase of the program in your Program and Nutrition Guide. Be sure to bring it along with you so you know exactly what to buy.

Post a picture of your groceries in the comments below so we can all see!

Week 1 Day 1

Today’s the day! The official start of our Ultimate Reset journey. I hope you have today’s meal all prepared and ready to go. Feel free to post photos of your food in the comments below.

Also, remember that great Ultimate Reset Facebook Group I linked to last week?

The good news is, there is a Facebook group for each phase of the Ultimate Reset!

It’s a wonderful resource where members share details about their experiences, photos, and concerns with a limited and more intimate audience.

This group I’m sharing today is private, so just click on the link and ask to join!

Remember, it only takes 21 Days to see real changes!



Week 1 Day 2

You got through Day 1! That wasn’t too bad was it?

How’s your Day 2 going? Feeling fatigued? Try drinking more water and incorporate stretching into your day!

It can be particularly challenging as your body adjusts to the Ultimate Reset. “Tired” can really mean “cleansing.” Listen to your body. Don’t push. And when you can, sleep.

Week 1 Day 3

Here’s a helpful tip for you: Over the next few days, I strongly encourage you to dress warmer than you usually would. The body tends to chill more easily when cleansing, so bundle up!

Week 1 Day 4

As your scrolling through the Facebook Group, be sure to check out the daily videos posted by people experiencing the Ultimate Reset just like you!

Here’s the link again just in case you missed it last time:


Week 1 Day 5

Let’s talk about WATER today! Did you know there’s an optimal time to drink water prior to meals?

Drinking liquids can dilute digestive acids and can slow your digestion. When food takes too long to go through your system, it may cause digestive problems. Be sure to chew your food thoroughly (until it is nearly liquid in your mouth) then swallow. Return to drinking water 20-30 minutes after your meal.

Week 1 Day 6

Vegan Shakeology fits right into your program as a part of your morning routine or as a snack.

You can choose from the suggested recipes for both the Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan flavors in the Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide. However, since the aim of the Ultimate Reset program is to get you eating (and chewing) live, unprocessed foods, we encourage you to view vegan Shakeology as an occasional option, not a mainstay.

Week 1 Day 7

Great job!!

You’ve completed Week 1! I hope you’re proud of yourself; I know it wasn’t easy. How do you feel? What meal was your favorite? Were you recording how you felt in your journal? Go back and see if you felt improvement over the course of the week. What day was particularly challenging?

What do you want to focus on this week? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below so we can encourage and learn from each other!!

Lastly, here’s a link to the Phase 2 Facebook Support Group. Click the link and hit the Request to Join button and start browsing for insights on what to expect in our second week of Ultimate Reset.



Week 2 Day 2

Grains can be good for you if they’re the RIGHT grains.
Wondering why brown rice and quinoa often appear in Ultimate Reset recipes?

Quinoa is a super food high in protein, calcium, and iron. Brown rice is chock-full of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and protein.

That makes them great food to incorporate into your post-Reset diet as well!

Week 2 Day 1

In Week 2, you’ll add a new supplement: Detox.
Some people find the texture of Detox very grainy.

Try these tips to help it go down easily:
Drink it through a straw
Add a dash of cinnamon
Use the coldest water possible

Let the others know if you tried any of the tips above and if it helped at all!

Week 2 Day 3

Are you taking the time to breathe deeply every day?

What about walking? Both of these activities support your Ultimate Reset and may help to:

  • Increase oxygen supply
  • Improve circulation
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Aid digestion

Remember, we aren’t doing any strenuous activities or exercises during the Reset, so taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood keeps you activity level at the right pace.

Week 2 Day 4

During Week 2, some people notice a change in their sleeping patterns and/or an urge to clear clutter from their environments. What changes have you noticed? Have you been sleeping more deeply?

Take note of any differences you’re feeling in your journal, and feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Week 2 Day 5

One of the upsides of doing the Ultimate Reset is becoming a master at meal prepping!

Have you noticed that you’re becoming more efficient in the kitchen? Knowing exactly what meals you’re going to eat makes planning and sticking with a lifestyle easier. You’re less likely to give into cravings and temptations if you already have meals prepared. Let us know in the comments below if you’re finding it easier to prepare your meals as we get ready to go into Week 3.

Week 2 Day 6

You are almost done with Week 2! I hope you’re feeling energized and ready to take on the last week!

To get ready for Week 3, here’s a link to the Phase 3 Restore Facebook Support Group. Follow the link and click the “Request to Join” button to see what you can expect in your last week of Ultimate Reset!


Week 2 Day 7

Coaches: Keep your participants motivated and engaged by using this day to share an Ultimate Reset Success Story with your Challenge Group! Post a photo of their Before/After and some words of advice.

Week 3 Day 1

Welcome to our last week of Ultimate Reset!

For this last phase, which we call Restore, we add in a new supplement called Revitalize.

It supports beneficial flora in the digestive tract. Learn more about this powerful supplement in your Program Guide.

Week 3 Day 2

Have you become more conscious of your eating habits since doing the Ultimate Reset? Many participants develop healthy new habits during the process. If you have one, share a positive new habit with the Group in the comments below!

Week 3 Day 3

Fun Fact of the Day:
Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans that is rich in essential minerals. Miso soup is easy to prepare and makes a great snack choice for Week 3, which is why it shows up repeatedly in the Nutrition Guide!

Show us your miso soup in the comments below!

Week 3 Day 4

How are you feeling this week? Have the cravings increased or subsided? If you’re still feeling hungry or cravings, hang in there.

Your body is likely becoming more efficient, and food now really is fuel! Remember, you can include an approved grain snack, or add a bit of avocado or chia seeds (both are great sources of fat).

Week 3 Day 5

Are you cooking in different ways than you used to? What are your favorite meals so far? Which will you continue to make and enjoy after the Reset? Let us know below in the comments section!

Week 3 Day 6


You’re almost there! Today is a great time to take inventory of how you’re feeling emotionally and physically. What’s been the most challenging part of this experience?The most rewarding? Record everything in your journal, especially how you feel at this particular moment.

Also, don’t forget to take your “after” photos and measurements and submit your results to the Beachbody Challenge for your chance to enter to win cash and prizes
at BeachbodyChallenge.com! It’s an amazing way to get some rewards for all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Week 3 Day 7


You’ve finished the Reset!
But the journey doesn’t end here. You’ve cleansed your system and should be feeling healthier, cleaner, and revitalized.

Why would you want to feel anything else? After you read the Transitioning Out of Your Reset section of the Program and Nutrition Guide, consider purchasing the Maintenance Kit on a monthly basis to continue building on the benefits you received from the Reset. It includes Power Greens and Optimize supplements to help you keep your body in balance and keep you moving forward to better health.

Another pro tip: Join the POST-RESET Facebook Group and find out more ways to maintain this newfound healthy lifestyle of yours!


If you like the way you feel now and can think of others in your life could benefit from the Ultimate Reset, spread the healthy word and contact me about finding a way to help your loved ones get on a path to a healthier, happier life.

Thank you for joining me in this 3 week Ultimate Reset Challenge Group. I look forward to starting another program with you in the near future!