21 Day Fix EXTREME | Prep Week | Day 7 |

Let’s review the key steps to ensure our next 21 days are a success:

  • Make sure to take your “before” photos, measurements, and weight. This is super-important in tracking your progress so you can see your results over the 21 days.
  • You’ll need weights and resistance bands. In Weeks 2 and 3 of the Real Time workouts, you can use resistance loops to give you (and your booty!) an extra push.
  • Follow the relevant calendar to stay on-track so you know which workout to do each day. Remember, the calendars vary between the original and Real Time workouts, so make sure you’re following the right one on Beachbody On Demand.
  • The most important tip—nutrition! These are intense workouts so you need to fuel your body right. Stick to your Eating Plan, use your portion-control containers, and meal prep each week to help you get in control of your meals. And when you add Shakeology and Beachbody Performance to your daily prep, it’ll make it easier to give your body the nutrition it needs for the best results possible.

OK, let’s start with our “before” photos…1-2-3…smile! Take your photos and measurements today so, as your body transforms, you can measure your changes against where you began. I know not everyone likes to capture the things they want to change but, trust me, do it now and you’ll be thankful later. As a side note, by taking a “before” photo, you’ll be able to enter the Beachbody Challenge at BeachbodyChallenge.com. When you enter and submit your results, we will send you a free gift to celebrate your amazing success!†

†Free gift offered while supplies last.


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