Week 2 | Day 13 | Eating out, social events and traveling on the 2B Mindset

Isn’t it refreshing to know we don’t have to put our lives on pause to lose weight? Ilana shared so many great tips and strategies in these videos for how to keep enjoying our lives and still reaching our goals—s long as we keep a positive mindset and put a little effort into planning ahead.

What was your favorite tip she shared? When and how will you use it?

I love her “push-off” method! In the past when I would go on vacation, I felt the need to indulge at every meal, but now I have a whole new mindset to try on my next trip and a whole new tool to use!

Here are Ilana’s go-to tips for dining out:

  1. Get your mindset ready before you go, and check out the menu online. It’s easy to review your choices while your intention is strong, and even order before you go.
  2. Keep the Plate It! method in mind.
  3. Make sure to drink water first, eat veggies most, and plan it in advance if you think you’ll be wanting a treat.
  4. Be the first to order.
  5. Order smart, and rely on bites from friends if you want to taste different things.
  6. Get tea when everyone else has dessert.

Before you lock in your party plans, use this checklist:

  1. What’s the purpose of the event?
  2. How will you plan ahead for it? Will you want to eat there or can you eat in advance? Will there be plenty of veggies or will you need to bring some?
  3. Can you eat before attending?
  4. Ask yourself, DINTEO: Do I Need This Eating Opportunity?
  5. Remember to look around and turn your mindset away from the food, so you can stay focused on the people, the environment, and your surroundings.

Ilana’s best travel tips:

  1. Decide if you want this to be a weight-loss trip!
  2. Stick to a consistent breakfast every day while away.
  3. Drink tons of water.
  4. Stick to your Plate It! method!
  5. Focus on the activities more than the food.
  6. Use the “push-of” method.
  7. Track.
  8. Get on the scale the day after you get home.