Week 2 | Day 12 | Group Call

 Coach Tip from Ilana

Now is a good time to touch base and keep people accountable. Five things to address:

  1. Share weight loss and what’s working—meals, tips, discoveries
  2. Fill out Mix & Match worksheets to make easy meals
  3. Discuss challenges and spend rest of the call troubleshooting
  4. Ask that they share their tracker pages with you so you can help investigate and figure out what to change that might result in a weight loss—it is best to recommend they change ONE thing at a time vs. recommending they make multiple tweaks to every meal

Woo-hoo! Week 2 with our NEW mindsets! I can’t wait to dive in and hear from everyone, but first I want to review what we will discuss and do on today’s call:

  1. Let’s review. Like in the last call, I’ll ask you to first share what’s been working for you, your weight loss, favorite meals, and any tips and discoveries you made.
    • Are you sticking to the 2 Bunnies?
    • How do you feel about your new 2B Mindset kitchen?
    • Any fun findings at the grocery store? What FFCs did you choose?
  2. Let’s do an activity. Fill out the Mix & Match Guide Worksheet and/or the Mix & Match Restaurant Guide, and we’ll use the food lists to help create meals!
    • For those who cook at home, use the Mix & Match worksheet
    • For those who eat out or get takeout more often, use the Mix & Match Restaurant Guide
  3. Troubleshooting
    • Has anyone had any bumps in the road this past week?
    • Is anyone not losing weight even though they feel like they have been tracking perfectly?