Week 2 | Day 11 | Want to Eat More? Sure!

 Coach Tip from Ilana

How awesome is the More? Sure! Model? OK, so I may be a little biased since I did create it—but honestly, once your participants start applying it to any lengthy eating event they go to, they’ll see just how effective it is. They can still enjoy the treats they love, but they’ll do it in a more purposeful way and feel so successful afterward! This also works great when they’re feeling hungrier than usual after a meal and want to go back for seconds!

Who else loves the More? Sure! Model?! I’ll be you’ve had questions like, “How much protein is a good amount?” “What is a right portion for me?” “What should I do if I’m still feeling really hungry?” or “When I work out, I feel like I need to eat more. What do I do?” Well, now you know the answer. Just apply the More? Sure! Model and remember to track everything, then see what works for you!

Remember, there is no one “right” or “perfect” way to eat. We’re all different and need a different balance of foods to maintain energy and generate weight loss. With our new positive mindsets—and the More? Sure! Model—we have all the flexibility we need to customize the 2B Mindset to our bodies and our lifestyles!

I can’t wait to try the More? Sure! Model at my next holiday meal, but it’s also great for buffets, BBQs, or whenever you want more food after a meal. You’ll always feel more in control when you start with water first and make your first bite veggies!

I’m going to put the More? Sure! Model to work this weekend and try out a couple of the new meal combos I put together! I hope everyone will share photos of their meals throughout the week!

Homework: Think back to your last holiday dinner or event, and recall how much food you and everyone around you ate. Then think about the next event you have coming up and how you can apply the More? Sure! Model when you’re there! What will you do differently now that you have a new method and mindset to approach every eating situation?