Transform :20 | Prep Week | Day 5

We’re just a few days away from starting Transform :20, so let’s talk about how we’re going to do this together. Ideally, you’ll start the program on Monday. The program calendar is built around a Monday through Saturday schedule, with Sundays off. 6 days a week, for 6 weeks. Sunday is perfect for a stretch routine, a nice walk, or just taking it easy. This is also the day to watch Transform Your Life with Shaun T. Each workout is 20 minutes, so you can build your day around knowing that the workouts are all the same length for easy scheduling.

Have you checked out the Beachbody Nutrition Guide yet? If not, take a look, including the sections on meal prepping and planning. I know that requires a little time upfront, but it’s worth the investment! Taking an hour or two out of your weekend to plan your menu, grocery shop, and prepare some meals in advance allows you to spend the rest of the week focusing on your Transform :20 workouts. It also helps you avoid making bad food choices if you’re too tired to cook.

And remember, you can use containers or 2B Mindset with Transform :20. Planning and prepping works for both of them!