6 Weeks of THE WORK | Day 1 | Prep Week

Welcome to our 6 Weeks of THE WORK Challenge Group!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to starting 6 Weeks of THE WORK. I’ve been following our Super Trainer, Amoila Cesar, on social for a while and I know this program’s going to be killer. Just check out his incredible 3-week transformation of NBA star Julius Randle. I can’t wait to see the kind of results we get in six weeks! To learn more about Amoila and his background, check out this video or blog article: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/amoila-cesar-beachbody-trainer

Not gonna lie, though—this program is going to be tough. It’s six weeks of intense functional training inspired by the training regimens Amoila creates for his celebrity clients and pro athletes. He’s going to kick our butts five days a week. We’ll get one active recovery day and one rest day, but I can guarantee the other five days will be intense.

But ya know what? I believe we’re all up for the challenge. After all, that’s why you joined this group. So, for the next six weeks, I want us to have each other’s backs. I want us to share our goals, our challenges, AND our transformations. After all, that’s what this group is for. I want us to be able to lean on one another and crush this program together.

Let’s kick this off by getting to know each other a little bit. Share your answers to these questions in the comments section below.

1. Why are you excited for 6 Weeks of THE WORK?
2. Where do you live?
3. What is your occupation?
4. Which Shakeology flavor(s) are you drinking?
5. Which Beachbody Performance supplement(s) are you taking and why?
6. What are your goals?
7. How can our supportive group best help you reach your goals?

Before you start the program, I need you to take the Fit Test. You can find it in the 6 Weeks of THE WORK’s Program Materials section on Beachbody On Demand. This program is really challenging and I want you to make sure it’s right for you. If you pass—great! We’ll start the workouts in a few days. If you don’t pass, no worries…message me and we can talk about other Beachbody programs that can help you build up to it. If you don’t pass, you can start with Amoila’s intermediate program, 4 Weeks of THE PREP. It’s designed to help you get your mind and body ready for 6 Weeks of THE WORK or any advanced Beachbody program.

Let’s hear from those who took the Fit Test. Where did you struggle and what would you like to improve over the next six weeks?

One more thing—here’s a special message from Amoila as we prep for the next six weeks!

View the Welcome to the 6 Weeks of THE WORK Challenge Group Video.

View the Welcome to the 6 Weeks of THE WORK Challenge Group Video
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