21 Day Fix EXTREME | Week 3 | Day 16 |

If You’re Doing the Real Time or the Original Workouts: Plyo Fix Extreme
How are you feeling after your last Upper Fix Extreme workout? Today we are tackling Plyo Fix Extreme one last time. This workout is made to sculpt your entire body, so make sure to push extra hard! Today is also your BONUS 10 Min HardCORE ab workout, so be sure to get it done.

Pressed for time? Watch this video to see how Autumn preps her meals for a busy day in just 5 minutes!


As you can see, Autumn doesn’t leave home without Shakeology. She turns to her daily shake for a powerful blend of potent ingredients—a foundation that’s built on quality like premium proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants. Because for Autumn (and me!), real change begins when you give your body a healthy nutritional foundation…all you need is water to make your shake or you can add some fruits like a banana or berries to sweeten it up.

When you give your body more of what it needs to feel and perform its best, it can mean the difference between just getting through your day and owning it.

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