80 Day Obsession | Week 6 | Rest Day |

Don’t you love Rest Day?

After two weeks of Phase 2, I have definitely learned to love my rest days. What are your favorite ways to do your self-care? I’m all about [SHARE YOUR SELF-CARE—A GOOD SOAK IN THE TUB? A MASSAGE?].

CHECK-IN: Tell me what’s on your mind this week. How are you feeling? Do you have any questions for me or the group?

Remember to watch the Weekly Obsession episode to see how everyone in the cast is doing!

Coach Tip

This is a good week to highlight another 80 Day Obsession Success Story. Here’s a good one…Post this photo and say something like "See what can happen when you go all in? I don’t know about you, but this motivates me to keep going!"


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