Ultimate Portion Fix | Prep Week 2 | Day 3

Let’s talk about making better choices. So often, we start our day with good intentions to do better, to eat better, maybe to start exercising if we’re not doing that. And then life happens. We get sidetracked and our goals are suddenly once again another day away. Today’s commitment is to find healthier options for our favorite foods. Watch Video 26: “Favorite Foods Fixed” and then share what healthy swaps you plan on doing in your house—maybe adding water to your fruit juice? Making your own breakfast cereal? Breaking the soda habit?

To follow up on yesterday’s post about getting kids involved in healthier choices, one of those things is making them a part of the grocery shopping experience. Watch Video 25: “Grocery Shopping with Dom” as Autumn shows you how she engages her son in the food decision-making process.

Have you food shopped with your kids? How did that work out?

Today’s To-Do’s:
1. Watch video 26 and then video 25
2. Complete pages 115–118 in your Workbook
3. Share the first healthy food swap you’re going to make