Ultimate Portion Fix | Prep Week 1 | Day 4

Now that we’ve learned the paths, let’s figure out our calorie bracket and calorie target. First up is Video 10: “Finding Your Calorie Bracket.” For those of you in the group who are pre- or postnatal, it’s important that you consult your physician before you begin the Ultimate Portion Fix. Once you’ve received your physician’s permission, you will want you to watch Video 32: “Pre- and Postnatal for the Fix” for your own special calculations. Ultimate Portion Fix also works for vegans and vegetarians, as you’ll learn in Video 11: “Being Vegan/Vegetarian on the Fix” and Video 13: “Deep Dive Into Vegan Food Lists.”

We’re also going to learn about the food lists in Video 12: “Deep Dive Into the Food Lists.” This is all about what goes into your containers, and the foods you’ll want to shop for on grocery days.

One thing that a lot of you have been asking is whether or not you have to exercise while doing Ultimate Portion Fix. Although it’s not mandatory, I highly recommend it. Adding exercise to your day can help boost your weight-loss success. And as part of your Ultimate Portion Fix purchase, you receive access to the complete 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME programs starting 4/1/19, shot in real time and updated for even better results. If you’re exercising regularly, I strongly recommend adding Beachbody Performance to your diet on days you work out. The Performance Stack, which includes Beachbody Performance Energize pre-workout and Recover post-workout, can be used with most intermediate to advanced programs on Beachbody® On Demand. Your Ultimate Portion Fix plan shows you how to integrate both your daily Shakeology and Beachbody Performance into your routine.

How’s everyone doing? What are you most excited about?

Today’s To-Do’s:

  1. Watch videos 10–13 (and video 32 if you’re pre- or postnatal, after consulting your physician of course)
  2. Complete pages 39–51 in your Workbook, plus look over the Food Lists
  3. Tell the group what you’re excited about!